Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Filekutz Color Challenge

Good day,

+++if you are looking for my Amazing Mold Putty post, please scroll down.+++

Welcome to another quick post for the Filekutz Designs Challenge blog.  Now I am a designer for LisaJane and I like to participate whenever she has something going on and right now she is hosting a color challenge...and the rules are easy: 

1. to use the specified color(s)! This is just a fun do it on your own challenge! You do NOT have to use a filekutz design, but you can if you'd like 

2. It has to be a CRAFTY project you created.. scrapbooking layout, home decor craft, card ect 

3. Follow the blog, post the project on your blog or email a picture to her with the subject line "October Color Challenge" and leave a comment there with your blog address or that you emailed her, so she knows you have entered a project.
The Colors Are: Orange(s), Brown(s), Yellow(s) and Red(s)
Fall/Halloween :)

There will be 1 winner choosen for every 5 entries! The winners will receive 1 free file of their choice from FileKutz Designs.  You can choose SVG, AI, PDF, KNK, WPC, GSD, MTC, SCAL2, DFX or PNG for digital.

So here is my submission:

I created the candy corn ontop of the rosette using the Amazing Molding Putty.  
First this is what you need:
Here are my containers
This eraser also came in the pack of cutsie halloween erasers that I had from
last year yet (see post below if you don't know what I am talking about).  
So I created my mold
here it is and it takes less than 5 minutes to set up
Then I used my Creative Paperclay® in the mold

I painted them the traditional yellow, white and orange
and attached one to a rosette that I made by cutting two 12 inch strips 
at 1.5 inches out of halloween candy corn paper.
Then I cut the words from the "What's Your Poison" file but there is so much more than just the words in the file from Filekutz and you can get that here, .
I just attached everything to a lid of a nesting box that I've had laying around forever.  My idea is to fill it with Candy Corn and hubby will take it to work and set it on his desk for his employees.  Cute huh?
So what do you think of my idea?  I hope you get a chance to head on over to the Amazing Molding Putty blog and check out all the fun creations over there.  


  1. Brenda, you're just too much!!! LOL!!! These are so cute!

  2. Very nice Brenda! Nice thing to do for the hubby too. Candy corn is my favorite but I dare not even look at the real thing since I was diagnosed as a diabetic:(. Much nicer looking at yours.:)

  3. Clever and cute. Great job. Have a lovely day!!


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