Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creative Paperclay face ornament

Good morning,

wow, what a crazy week it's already been.  I have a quick project for Christmas.  Since it's not that far away, I thought I'd start working on some projects to give away as gifts.  I just love Christmas and every year the kids get a new ornament, so this year I thought I'd make them.  Being on the Creative Paperclay DT was a good reason to use the clay for this project.
The ornaments I picked up at the local thrift store
and used a ball of clay about the same size.
I formed the ball of clay on top of the ornament
kinda like a hat.  I didn't need any glue and let
it set up for about 24 hours.
This is the side view.
Then I stamped a peachy keen face onto the ornament
and I also pierced through the clay for a hanger.
I painted the clay in pink with hair
(Sorry about the blurry picture)
and also one in blue.  You can see where I add
the string to make them into hanging ornaments.

Now, I hope I've inspired you to use your Creative Paperclay and make some of your own ornaments.  This was so super easy and quick and each of the kids and grandkids are going to get one of these this year.

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  1. Great tutorial and what a cute little ornament you've made!

    Had to comment as anonymous cause blogger is messing up again...

    Hugs XX


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