Monday, October 17, 2011

Bachelorette Party Digital

Good morning

Today is another MyMemories Suite quickie for a challenge they have going here.  The challenge is to create a layout with text wrapped around the pictures.  So first, just to give you a little bit of DD is not crafty.  Now I do not mean that in a mean way at all...she just didn't inherit the "craft gene" from my side of the family.  My mom is a wonderful crafter and dabbles in a lot of different mediums.  My dad does awesome manly crafts.  Both my brothers can draw like no other and even my two boys draw.  Somewhere along the way my poor DD didn't get any ability in that department.  Now, I really don't know if it's not inherited or if she just isn't into it.  She has made some cards and such in the past and they are ok...but she doesn't put her all into it.  So, since I've gotten the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Suite I've been creating more and more digital layouts and she is wanting to try some on her own.  To show her how easy it was to create a layout in a matter of minutes I created this page.  Now, I did not add a lot to it as I wanted to show her some simple ways of creating and this turned out pretty cute.  She loved the text around the picture feature and I might have gotten her hooked on joining MyMemories...
I just learned how to do the "wrap around picture text" and literally this
page took about 15 minutes to throw together.  Here is the link to the video tutorials on how to add the wrap around text for the software.  Again, I could have probably added a few more details and worked it a bit more,
but for a quick an easy layout this works for me.

Remember, if I am at all inspiring you to go digital I have a promo code STMMMS28873 and this will entitle you to $10 off the software price and also gets you $10 worth of downloads.  Believe me, it's all well worth it.  So head on over to MyMemories and check out all the fun.  Also, if you "like" MyMemories on facebook there is an exclusive download link every week to get some "FREE" pages and everyone is so super helpful and supportive also.


  1. Hey, Brenda, maybe your DD just needed to find her "niche"!!! If she has, she'll do great from here on in. This layout is wonderful!


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