Thursday, April 20, 2017

Elephant Mosaic

Welcome to our Stencil Girl's Bloghop.  I'm super excited to share a fun project with you today, but first a little backstory about myself before we get into the tutorial.  My name is Brenda and I've been with Amazing Casting Products since the beginning and I've enjoyed every minute of it.  My blog is Creativity is a State of Mind because I believe each one of us has a different view on artistic talent.  I've definitely come a long way since working with this Amazing team.  Also working with these products has taught me so much and I've enjoyed learning new techniques.  Therefore, whenever we can partner up with another designer or design team, I look forward to expanding my horizons.  

Since I've been on the design team for so long, I've accumulated ALOT of pieces.

Anytime I'm making a project I wind up with more and more resin pieces.  Some finished, some not.  And this is how my project was born ...

I started out with a foam core piece that I cut to 10 x 10 and I painted green with acrylic paint.  Next I took my Stencil Girl Elephant Parade (which by the way is my obsession)

 Elephant Parade Stencil by Nathalie Kalbach

and traced the elephant with a pencil after the paint was dry.

It doesn't have to be perfect because I'm only using it as a guide.

Next I got out my box of resin pieces and began laying them inside the elephant outline.  It was kinda like putting a puzzle together.  Absolutely every one of these pieces has a story for me.

Here are a few pictures of some of the pieces I used with their molds.  (I've made ALOT of molds :)  The Amazing Mold Putty is still by far my favorite product.  I love duplicating little charms and such that I find while antiquing or junking because I don't want to use the original piece.  Especially in a project like this one.

Some butterfly charms

A Fleur De Lis I found in a box I bought at an antique shop.

The Fleur de Lis that I embedded into an 
Amazing Clear Cast Resin bezel.

Some leaves that were molded from a broach that I got
in a jewelry lot at an auction.

Branches that were hair barrettes to start out.

I just have tons and tons of molds...

After I had all my pieces laid out the way I like it, I glued them down.  After they were all securely adhered I took the piece outside and spray painted it black.

I didn't let it dry completely though.  
In fact, I took a hairdryer and gave it a 3 minute blast on the cool setting.

Stencil Girl's Ornamental Compass Screen was my next addition to this piece.  

Ornamental Compass Screen Stencil by Gwen Lafleur

I dry-brushed it with purple metallic acrylic paint around the edges of the corners.

While that was drying I also used the same acrylic paint and dry-brushed the 
elephant mosaic-ed pieces to give them some dimension also.

In my box of pieces I also found some roses I made a long time ago with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.  I absolutely love how they looked like glass, but I did  want to give them a bit of dimension also.  I dry-brushed a bit of black and the purple metallic around the edges.  Just enough so that you can still see their clearness, but also some definition.  

After everything dried a little, I  saturated the entire piece with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.  Not only does this give it a nice GLASS touch when it's cured, but it will also keep everything  in place.  But now here comes the magic.

I took a toothpick and ran it around the edges of the elephant outline while the clear cast resin was still wet and also within the stenciled area to "scrape off" some of the black and purple to expose some of the green base.  It gave is just enough color to make it pop.

After letting it cure for 24 hours I was able to display it in my elephant collection.  Now, the best part of this is it's weight.  If you would have used this many heavy trinkets, your piece would have been very heavy.  The Amazing Casting Resin is so super lightweight. 
This by far is one of my favorite projects up til now.

I totally love how this turned out and I hope you have found my tutorial useful.

Now for the bonus fun stuff.  There is a giveaway involved...

One lucky winner will receive both a $25 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl Products

AND a $25 Gift Certificate to Amazing Casting Products!
Visit the fabulous designers from both teams and comment for your
chance to win!
The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN!
(One comment per blog please.)
You have until Sunday, April 23rd at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.
Winner will be announced on
StencilGirl's Facebook page and Amazing Casting Products’s Facebook page
on Monday, April 24th.

So thank you for coming and hopping along with us today and be sure to leave a comment so you get entered in the giveaway.  Until next time, happy crafting.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Butterfly keys dancing with Amazing Casting Products

Good morning friends

I love perusing Pintrest and sometimes I find something that I want to make immediately.  Sometimes I have what I need on hand and sometimes I have to punt.  This is one of those times.

This is what I found on Pinterest:
Decorate with winged keys.

And this is what I made:

I started with my molds of keys that I made using my Amazing Casting Products.  I love keys!!!

I made my very lightweight keys.

Then I hot glued my butterfly wings to the keys

all different shapes ...

... and sizes

I tied fishing line to the keys and 
to an old embroidery hoop

I even glued some of the butterflies around the embroidery hoop

I love Pinterest, but I don't always make what I find 
exactly the way I saw it!  I like putting a spin on my project.

I hope you've enjoyed my version of the butterfly keys.

Thanks for looking and I hope you leave me a comment.

As always, have a great day and God Bless.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lucky Horseshoe #Reclaimedbarnwood

Happy Sunday to you all!

Today I wanted to show you something I am super proud of.  I've been creating a lot of reclaimed barnwood signs as of late.  I'm hoping to show some of my signs off in the upcoming weeks.  But today I wanted to share this one with you. Remember when I made my horseshoe wreath of sorts?

You can view that post HERE

Well I wanted to use the horseshoe mold again for this project.
I haven't used this mold for about 8 months, but it's still as pliable as the day I created it.

First I "painted" the mold with the Alumilite powders.
Just dip your dry paintbrush in the powder and dust the mold.
I also used my Amazing Casting Resin mixed with the 
Alumilite Silver Metalic Powders for the base of the horseshoe
I made it look old and rusty.

The resin piece is super lightweight and it was easy to screw into my board.
I also painted the screws over so that they didn't look "new".
You can hardly even see them! 

I just love how grungy this looks.

And here is my L U CKY sign, painted and ready for it's forever home.  
Now had I used a real horseshoe this sign would also have been very heavy.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick and simple tutorial and would love if you left me a comment.

As always, have a great day and God Bless.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Keychain with Amazing Casting Products

Good day

I was gifted this lovely key chain a couple days ago and while I absolutely love it it's a bit heavy to put on my keyring.  You do know that too many things on your key ring is not good for your ignition right?  When your keys are heavy it weighs down on the ignition.  I really wanted to use this key chain, but don't want to wreck my ignition, so of course what do I do?  Yup Amazing Casting Products to the rescue because the resin piece will be super light weight!

First I mixed up equal parts of the Amazing Mold Putty and you can view mixing instructions HERE

After my mold was set which took less than 10 minutes
I mixed up equal parts of the Amazing Casting Resin with some 
the preparations for mixing HERE.

That set up within 10 minutes also.
I did run a little bit of Rub n Buff over the resin and
added some rhinestones. 

I love how this turned out and now I can proudly hang my 
car keys on it and not worry about wrecking my ignition.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Steampunk redux container

Good day

I just wanted to share a quick post of something I made yesterday for myself.  

A friend of mine gave this container to me a while back because she enables my hoarding addiction.
I love to repurpose things and little containers are my favorite.

So I started out with gesso ing the container.  One coat worked well.

Then I painted it purple.  My all time favorie color

Then I added some washi tape and my resin gears.  
I just used what I had on hand because I always have extra resin pieces laying around.

You can go HERE and see how I created my gears with my favorite Amazing Casting Products.

I even added some washi tape to the inside of the container.  The inside will hold all my push pins.

Now I wasn't sure how I would hang this, but of course in my hoarding of all stash I had some hook and loop tape.  Eeasy peasy hanging on the wall!

and here it is.  Now I just need to use my corkboard, LOL

I hope you've enjoyed my inspiration of redux container.  I love comments, so please let me know what you think of my idea!
Until next time, have a great day and God Bless.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Simply Create Too Challenge #108 - Ladies Only

 Well hello there.  I so apologize that I am entirely 1 week behind in posting for the design challenge over at Simply Create Too.  I got so mixed up with the weeks.  The challenge for this week, actually last week was For Ladies only!    What a fun theme.

Now when my kids were little I made a lot of teacher gifts and now that I am a grandma of a school ager and  two in daycare they have asked me to continue making gifts.  Naturally  I love being asked so lets see what I did for their teachers.

I started with two mushroom cans.  They are about 3.5 inches tall.  I spray painted them both white. 
 While that was drying I cut multiple layers of flower petals with my cricut.  
I haven't paper crafted in a while and that was a lot of fun.

After my cans were completely dry, I hot glued some of this awesome pink burlap ribbon around the cans.

Then I layered all the flowers petals on top of each other and stuck a sucker in the middle.  I used some styrofoam to stick the suckers into and using a little hot glue I added another flower petal with a button in the center of the can  and viola ...

A super easy peasy teacher gift.

The grandbabies were pretty excited to hand out their teacher gifts.

I hope you've enjoyed my super easy Ladies only flower bouquet and I will see you again in 3 weeks.

Make sure to head on over to the Simply Create Too challenge blog and add your creation!