Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simply Sundays "Let's Get Campy"

Good morning all -

okay, this week I nailed the challenge...I am so excited to show you this week's project for Simply Sundays at Getting Cricky.  I love designing for Kristal's challenges, but this week I excelled.  LOL  (Yes, I am bragging a bit), but I really loved this idea. 

First I bought a new cartridge and some stamps just for this challenge...hehehehe, needed a good excuse anyway.  I bought the Paper Dolls Dress Up on ebay last week and because of that, I also needed some Peachy Keen Face stamps.  I've been dying to get some and I finally took the plunge and am I glad I did.  They are so adorable and they just fit the Paper Dolls perfectly.  So, onto why I bought these goodies...I've seen alot of these stair step cards and I've been wanting to make one for awhile now, but really didn't know why I would.  I have seen a lot of them and they are all so cute, but most of the time there's been a theme to them, like a holiday or birthday or something to that.  So, I decided to make a calendar stair step card.  We go to Boundary Waters every year, for some camping, canoeing and hiking.  Boundary Waters is a canoeing area way up northern Minnesota almost to the Canadian border.  We love it up there, it's so peaceful.  It's alot of work camping up there, but nonetheless we still go every year.  You have to submit for an entry permit by December and then there is a lottery in January.  You get to sign up for approximate dates and keep your fingers crossed you get the date you wanted.  There is a limit on how many people can enter Boundary Waters per day that's why they do this lottery.  We got the date we wanted this year...Yeah.  We will enter Boundary Waters on the 1st of August and leave anytime between the 5th through the 8th.  It always depends on the weather and how much fish we've caught.  If you're bored and don't want to read about Boundary Waters anymore we will get onto my card, if you would like to read more about BWCA you can go here

I designed everything on my gyspy last week at work after I bought the cart.  This way when the cart came, I could just link it and cut away right?  NOT, I can't find my cord anywhere.  I've searched high and low and I don't know anyone with a gyspy to even borrow a cord just to link my cart...ugh.  So I had to redesign everything on my DS.  I cut the man at 3 inches, the canoe was cut at 2.5 inches and the rest of the stuff anywhere between 1 and 2.5 inches.  The trees are from my Winterwoodland cart and the water and grass is from Plantin Schoolbook.  The tent I cut using my SCAL from the ScrappingTable Great Outdoors theme.  I love these SCAL files too.  I also cut the letters in SCAL using a simple arial bold font and layered them.  The rocks I just free hand cut'll do.  I used my white gel pen to hightlight some of the cuts.  The best part of this card also is that I used only my scrap paper and my stash.  I downloaded the calendar pages a long time ago and now I can't remember where from.  I added a swirly thing to a brad and now I can use this card every year for "Days till BWCA"  I love it...and I hope you've enjoyed my little stair step card also.

As always, have a great day and god bless. 


  1. Uggghhh Brenda... I'm sorry you lost your cord. But the card is AWESOME. You did such a great job. I have both paper doll cartridges, and Create A Critter, but I have yet to get the Peachy Keen stamps. I really want to, but I'm afraid I will not get the right set. Beautiful job.

  2. BEEN there done that with the cord--ugg!
    I love your card this week--love the way it folds out--that is awesome girl!
    You did ROCK this challenge! TOOT TOOT!

    Love ya

  3. Great idea! Sorry you lost your cord, hope you find it soon.

    Getting Cricky sent me to your blog. Glad she did too! :)

    Thanks for sharing.
    rpcrafter at gmail dot com

  4. Hi Brenda, what a great job you did this week. Love the card! Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Easter.

  5. Your calendar stair step card is wonderful...a great idea! I haven't had my PK stamps for very long...and I'm so happy I splurged for them! So fun to use...have fun with yours! Oh, and I hope you've found your Gypsy cord. :-(

    ~Sharon C.


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