Monday, April 25, 2011

Mom Monday - technical difficulties

Good day all -

If you've come for Mom Mondays I am sorry to disappoint, she couldn't send me her postings since she was busy with Easter.  I do hope to have something for you next week though.

If you missed my post yesterday regarding the Design Team call over at Paperclay, I made the team.  YEAH!!!  Be sure to check back on May 10th for my first posting.

I also wanted to let you know that I belong to a cricut/card swap on FB and these are the cuts I made for April.  I made some extras and have used one on a previous layout and I am going to use them for some cards I want to make.  I got some awesome cuts back also and can't wait to use them in some layouts or cards.

Well, that's all I have today, I will be back tomorrow with a layout I am working on for Lasting Memories.  This week it is sketch week and I am so excited about the LO.

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  1. Hi Brenda! This is Vicki from Incredibly Dangerous and melovebono! Thank you SO much for the subscriptions and follows! I am so glad you enjoy my sharing - now you won't believe this ;) but not everyone gets my personality! LOL

    You know I have wanted one of those pic up pens for months - I found one online and it was like $20! Now for $20...I will have to pick up those little pieces with my finger...but I found this one from CMITONLINEBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM
    They also have an Ebay store (which is where I got this one ... and that name is Creating Everlasting Memories...

    It looks like they may not have any more but maybe they can get more?
    here are the words I used to find the pen --


    I paid under $10 but have seen them listed as much as $30! Not me Pete...LOL I would not pay that much...

    Listen, thank you again so much for following...
    it helps to do a video or blog when you feel like you really are talking to someone! LOL
    And good luck on the give away!!!


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