Saturday, April 9, 2011

My mom

Good morning -

My mom and her morning glories
at her old house.
Today I want to brag about my Mom a little.  My mom is originally from Germany and speaks fluent German.  She is also the best cook ever (didn't get that from her).  She is also a crafter (did get that from her).  She sews (not me), crochets (I can a little), knits (I can't) and makes beautiful flower arrangements (yeah, I can do that too).  She did my DD's flowers for her wedding and several other people's also.  She also does other miscellaneous crafting. 

She has not figured the blogging thing out yet, although she just recently got a computer and isn't puter savy YET.  I am going to try to feature her creations when she has something she wants to show off.  I hope you all don't mind...I didn't think you would.  Hahahaha 

She is currently into making wreaths.  At her old house (where I spent most of my teenage years) she had grapevines growing along her house.  She recently had to move to another house and when she left she took alot of the grapevines with her and now forms them into wreaths.  She has made regular round ones, some heart shaped ones and even square ones.  I got a beautiful wreath last summer from her and just have not made anything with it yet (probably should get on that).  Since the Easter season is upon us, she made an Easter wreath.  She also likes my favorite store (The Dollar Tree) and there she bought the plastic eggs.  She has also accumulated many silk flowers over the years from making flower arrangements.  She made this wreath using up her stash...(like daughter, like mother, hehehehe).  With just a bit of hot glue a wreath is born.
I love the Easter colors so bright and cheery.
I hope you enjoyed visiting my mom's creations.  Leave a comment and tell her what you think of her wreath.

As always, have a great day and god bless.


  1. This is sooooo beautiful! Your mom is adorable--look how pretty and sweet that smile is!
    I can tell she is just like you--a great girl!
    I love her wreath--it is just so bright!

    Big Hugs to You my Sweet Friend,

  2. Thanks very much for making me look so good, if you only knew.

  3. Such a cute wreath!! Just popping in from the Getting Cricky hop.

  4. Very beautiful wreath. I wish I could hang this up for easter.

  5. Tell your Mom that her wreat is just beautiful. Love the bright colors!!

  6. Reading this post, made me think of all that my mother did they both seem to have the same interests. You can see my mum's work on my new blog & I have left something for you on mine.

  7. Tell your Mum I love the Easter wreath she made it's a brilliant idea to decorate the house.


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