Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Pail

Happy Easter all -

I wasn't going blog today since it was Easter and we were going to be doing family things, but here I am anyway.  We were going to cook at home today, but last minute decided to go out to eat.  Since my SIL works such weird hours we aren't sure when he will be home, so snacking until he gets home and then off to lunch or dinner.  Hahaha  We will keep the ham till next weekend...I could eat it all the time anyway.

I thought I'd share Miss Bella's Easter Pail. I made her a pail instead of an Easter Basket. This way she will be able to use it in the sandbox this summer. I bought this pail at Target. Normally they have these pails in a smaller size, but when I saw them in this size I snatched em up, 5 of them I believe. Using my SCAL I cut her name at 5.5 inches using the baby pirate font. It had some cute swirlys in the letters, but I broke the design apart an only cut the actual letters. I also used the basic shapes in the shape library to cut the flowers and added one flower bling. I didn't want to go too overboard decorating it up since it will be used in the sandbox this summer. 


Bella and her new Easter Frog


  1. I love the pail, and it looks like Bella did too. I love using things that can be reused for something else. I hope you are enjoying your day.

  2. That is an adorable little girl you have!

  3. Well Brenda...its Vicki again from Incredibly Dangerous...wellllllllllll not only did I leave you a message about the sticky pen...but now I am also following you by email and Google! LOL Now how did I miss you when you started to follow me awhile back?

    You know - at first, I was so overwhelmed with followers and blogging...not that I had thousands of people - but I am still so new to this, when I wasn't on the computer for a few days and then logged back in to find like 30 people had subscibed...I was trying to write to everyone and read everyones page...and doing layouts and cards and etc etc...that I let it overwhelm me - thank heavens for Kristal over at ... she brought me back down to earth ;) --- she reminded me - this is supposed to be fun. And now, it is again.

    I loveee your blog, your projects and oh my gosh how CUTE is Bella!?!?!
    You lucky thing! I have ALL boyssssss ... a son, 2 stepsons, and now all the boys are having boys! LOL I have to use pink papers and embellishments for my doggies (who have now passed on) and the women from my family. Thank heavens I am one of six girls right? LOL Anywho -- I am sure I will be I am off to check out that FB page where you all do swaps! I think that is a GREAT idea! I have thought about that a million times but you always wonder if anyone would really be interested. talk to you soon!


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