Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School Days Clipboard

Today's posting is somewhat different.  I actually crafted something.  Whoo Hoo.  Anyway, I have met this awesome gal on another site and she creates some wonderful things.  Right now she is into Alice in Wonderland.  She creates these awesome cut files and she does them in all kinds of formats.  Her name is KAndrew and here is her site.  You can find her button on my left sidebar also.  Anywho, the other day she had this file for a challenge named School Days.  Since I am not into scrapping any pictures right now, I didn't really have a layout that I could do to participate in the challenge, so I decided to use the file in a different way and just not play along.  I hope she doesn't mind, but I really did want to use the file since she was so kind to send it to me.  Well, my son is going to a brand new school this year and he will have a male teacher for the first time.  I always make teacher gifts throughout the year.  I think it is very important to recognize the teachers for what they do.  They have your children more than you do from August thru May and I think education if a very important thing.  Anyway, now that Austyn has a male teacher I am going to be limited on what I can make.  Men are so hard to buy or craft for.  If any of you have any ideas throughout the year, please email me or leave a comment under this post.  I'd so much appreciate it. Ok, back to my story.  Since this file was built around a journaling block she made it look like a post it note.  The lightbulb went off.  I made a Clipboard to adhere post it notes to.  Make sense?  Well, here are the pictures.
I really like the way this clipboard turned out.  I painted the mini clipboard blue.  Then I modgepodged the school paper (which I've had for eons I swear because I am a paper hoarder) onto the clipboard.  I cut out the apple and the paperclip (which is my favorite of this file) and adhered it to the paper.  I cut a piece of tacky tape and attached it to the post it notes and adhered them to the center of the clipboard.  I cut some twine and tied it to the clip of the clipboard and hung a pencil from it.  I think the clip needs a ribbon or something yet as I am looking at the pictures.  When I decide what to add I will post another picture maybe.  Anyway, I am very pleased with the way this turned out and Austyn thinks it is way cool.

So, I hope you enjoyed today's project as much as I did making it.  I have another post I will be adding tomorrow or maybe today yet...what you say? twice in one week?  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It's going to be a fun project that I have been working on for a couple of days.  See you soon.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  My DD and her husband live in Colorado and therefore I don't get to see my grandkids too often.  My DD is pretty good at sending me pictures.  Well the other day she sent me a picture of Bella sitting in a highchair for the first time.  She is just over 7 months now and boy do I miss her.  Anyway, in a couple of weeks I will have Bella for 1 week while my DD works at a camp here in South Dakota for the mentally and physically handicapped.  I am so excited.  Here is Bella in her first highchair picture.  So grown up.
As always, have a great day and god bless.


  1. Brenda, it's gorgeous andI think you should put it in the challenge anyway--it doesn't have to be a layout! It can be ANYTHING!
    I think his teacher will love it! How blessed he is to get a male teacher this year too--there are not very many and the boys especially seem to really love them.
    I know when I taught school, we had ONE male teacher in our school! he was a great positive influence too--all the kids LOVED him!
    I hope it's a great school year for you all.
    I'm honored you liked my file enough to use it--you did a GREAT job!

    all the best-kandrew

  2. Brenda, we had a man teacher last school year and my 2nd grader thought it was great! Especially at recess time, he would go out on the kickball field and play pitcher for the kids... he's the only male teacher in the school, so we were lucky to have him! I saw your entry on K Andrews' site...Your clipboard is a great idea and I know our teacher would have liked one like it!


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