Friday, August 20, 2010


Okay, so I haven't been able to craft because I've had the grandkids.  Well, they both went down for a nap, so I thought I'd play around on the computer for awhile.  I can do that quietly and if they were to wake up, no biggie.  I can easily stop what I am doing, unlike when I craft.  No stopping me that easily.  LOL  Anyway, I've been wanting to make my own button like everyone else has on their blogs.  I really didn't have any idea what I wanted, but at least I wanted to try.  I'm not sure this will stay with my blog forever, but it's a start.  I am very patriotic and love roses.  I had taken this picture a few years ago and thought it was a pretty good one.  I love how the pink sticks out with the red, white and blue background.  I even did a LO for it.  I should probably post that one too one of these days.  But first things first.  Anyhow, I searched for "how to make my own blog button" in google and came upon this tutorial.  It was very helpful and the step by step instructions where great.  Thanks so much to oikology101 for the help.  Hope you enjoy my first attempt at a blog button.  Like I said, I am not sure that I will keep this for sure, but for now it works for me.  Leave me a comment and tell me "HONESTLY" what you think. 

As always, have a great day and god bless.

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  1. I like your button--but it doesn't say your name on it anywhere--could you maybe add your blog name on it by typing on top of the pic?
    That's the only tiny suggestion I have--I think you did a GREAT job!


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