Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camp Friendship Gift

As many of you know I was at Camp Friendship this last week for a couple of days picking up and dropping off my grandkids.  I got to experience the most amazing couple of days ever.  After I got home I didn't get much craft time because I couldn't get the kids on the same schedule.  When one was sleeping the other one was a awake.  Thanks to my wonderful husband, he took over for a couple of hours so that I could create.  Well anyway, I wanted to do something for the camp and since they mostly rely on donations I decided to make a "Donations" container and a candle.  I went to their website but couldn't find their logo.  I was going to use SCAL to cut it out.  For whatever reason, their logo isn't on the website.  Well, they also use the sign language sign for I love you as part of their motto.  I found a jpeg on the web and then used SCAL and cut out the hand and used that as the focal part of the candle and container.  The hand was cut with vinyl in SCAL and doodled with my "homemade gel pen" with my cricut.  It turned out pretty cool.  I gave them the gifts when I returned to drop the grandkids off.  Here are the pictures, hope  you enjoy them.
The camp director loved these so much that we are planning on doing the "real" Camp Friendship logo in vinyl for car decals as a "fund raiser" for camp next year.  As soon as she emails me the jpeg I will cut it in SCAL and post a blog.  I am so excited.

I also have some more exciting news, but unfortunately I still can't disclose it.  I am just sitting on pins and needles and want to blurt it out.  There are a few minor details to work out yet, but hopefully I will have something concrete to tell you all in a week.  Stay tuned.

As always, have a great day and god bless.

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  1. I love it mommy and I know Stacie and Kirsti did as well, now lets hope we can fill and refill that jar this year...


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