Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wood Transfer Anything But a Card Challenge "Friendship"

Good morning peeps,

today is the last week of our challenge over at Anything but a Card which is all about "Friendship" this month.  I love this challenge because I am so blessed to have 3 wonderful friends that I hang out with each week.  We throw darts together once a week on a Thursday night.  We do some tournaments together and we have been doing this on and off for about 10 years.  I just so love my dart girls!  Back in January we threw our annual Sno-Throw tournament and took 2nd place, two years in a row now!  We have a great time throwing together and always seem to be just a shy out of first place.  We started our tournament on Friday and ended up being done on Sunday afternoon.  It takes a lot out of you at times, but we continue to go at it hard and heavy each time.  Taking 2nd place got us a plaque for our bar that sponsors us and cash!

 First place gets you the same thing, only you also get individual plaques and a jacket!  Now I cannot sew worth a darn so I can't make us jackets, but I can make individual plaques and here's how I did it:

I started out with our picture that was taken by the tournament director.  I printed it out 4 times in mirror image.  Why you ask?  Because I am going to transfer these pictures onto pieces of wood and there is writing on the picture.  See ...

I purchased some Liquitex from Hobby Lobby.  It costs about $15 dollars but with my Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon I saved about $6 and it will last a long, long time.

Spread your Liquitex evenly onto your piece of wood.  Not too thick and not too thin.  I got these pieces of wood in a pack also at Hobby Lobby.  They measure 4 x 4 and are perfect for this project.

Make sure you use a brayer and evenly spread your image face down onto the piece of wood.  
Making sure to get any air bubbles out and no visible creases.

Now I let that sit overnight because I wanted to make absolute sure it transferred perfectly.

The next day I took a damp sponge with a soft side and a scrubby side and rubbed the paper backing off very carefully.  Make sure to damped the area real good at first and take the scrubby side and carefully rub over the image.  This takes a bit of time and trial and error, do NOT rub too hard as you will rub off the image also.  Then take the soft side and go over it until you do not see anymore "white" from the paper.  I did rub a bit too hard on the first one thus I am giving myself the "too hard" rubbed plaque.  
You may need to experiment with how hard to rub.

I also stamped the 2015 onto the image before I painted the edges with black acrylic paint and also a bit around the edges.  Then I sealed them with Mod Podge and let that also sit overnight.  I probably didn't need to wait that long, but I wanted to make sure!

Then I glued a pop top to the back of the wooden plaque (always reuse if you don't recycle).

And there we have our own individual plaques.  I kinda like ours better since our picture commemorates our achievement and not just a plaque itself!  LOL

I'm so in love with this technique and cannot wait to try something else.

I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial today and if you want to join us over at ABAC for our "Friendship" challenge, head on over HERE to link up.  

Remember you can link up any project as long as it:

Has something to do with "FRIENDSHIP"
YOU are having FUN doing it!

Until next time, have a great day and God Bless!


  1. I like yours much better with the photo of your friends. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and tips (all important mirror image!) with your project.

    1. Thanks Heather, I am loving our plaque and the girls loved it too. Always remember though that you MUST mirror, especially if there is writing

  2. Brenda... these are way better than the plaque you would have gotten from the tournament... What a treasure and I'm sure your girlies will adore them. Great tutorial... I've never tried Liquitex for a photo transfer, I will definitely need to give this a try. Beautiful job !

  3. These are fantastic! What a great way to celebrate and remember!

    1. Thank you Margaret, it will be fun to look back next year and see how we've changed when we win 2nd place again, lol

    2. Thank you Margaret, it will be fun to look back next year and see how we've changed when we win 2nd place again, lol

  4. I'm with Toni on that Brenda ----this is way better. I like your photo transfer method too!
    Keep having fun because that surely is what this world needs - fun and laughter!

    1. Yes always create more fun and laughter in the world. Thanks for the comment Julie!

    2. Yes always create more fun and laughter in the world. Thanks for the comment Julie!


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