Saturday, July 31, 2010

Homemade Clip it Up

I have tons and tons of stickers and embelishments.  They are scattered all over in boxes and bins.  It's so hard for me to remember what I have and more often than not I will buy something only to realize (after my project today) that I already had this or that.  Well no more.  As I was blog hopping a couple of weeks ago, I came across a youtube video of a home made clip it up.  I watched the video and thought to myself, I can do knives involved this time.  She said you needed a canopy blank kit, lock nuts and a rod (Lowe's).  You also needed 2 lampshades, but be careful.  You need to get lampshades that are all one piece.  You will see what I mean in the pictures.  Anyway, so off to Lowe's we go.  My DH was so into this project with me.  He likes to build things.  The guy in the lamp department was a bit surprised when I told him what I was building...he must have thought I was nuts.  The rod we got in the lamp department didn't fit and of the lock nuts.  Well, in the same department as the lock nuts there were also some rods.  Not as pretty as the ones in the lamp department, but after I get all my stuff hung up you won't see it anyway.  LOL  We then went to a couple of thrift stores and I found the lampshades for $2 a piece.  After getting home I was going to build my clip it up.  DH decided he would help.  Well in the video she built one for on a desk, but my lampshades were a bit huge...I just so go overboard when I make things.  We decided to hang it from the ceiling.  It's pretty cool.  I will say I was glad DH helped cuz those lock nuts were a pain to put on.  Anyway, here are the pictures. 
Canapy blank kit

Lamp shade
Clip it up hanging from the ceiling.  See what I mean about making sure lampshade is all one piece.  You need to insert the rod through the lampshades and use the lock nuts to keep them in place so that the lampshades can turn on their own. 

Filled with stickers and embellishments
and more stickers and embellishments. 
So now you are probably wondering how I hung them?  Well a while ago on one of my thrift store shopping trips I came across a package of a thousand christmas ornaments hangers for $.50.  Anyway, most of my embellishments and stickers are in packages from the store and they all have these neat holes punched in them.  I just hooked the hanger to the package and hooked the other side to the lampshade and viola.  If the package didn't have a hole I made one.  So there is my homemade clip it up.  Total cost?
  1. Canopy Blank kit         $4.98
  2. Rod                             $1.97
  3. 4 lock nuts .14             $  .56
  4. 2 lamp shades              $4.00
  5. ornament hooks           $  .50
           total cost                   $12.01

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial today and I will see you next time.  I think I should create something now that I have all my embellishments and stickers sorted.  Hmmmm....what to make? 

As always, have a great day and god bless.

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  1. Hi Brenda,

    I've seen the desktop version . . . the floor models . . . the floor to ceiling handmade CIU . . . but never one that hung from the ceiling. Awesome! With your permission I would like to feature your CIU in a special blog post I'm compiling about homemade CIU. I've made the floor version and posted it on my blog. Sorry for posting this here but I did not see a link to your email. If interested you can email me at



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