Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time Heals ... and question answered

Good morning,

Today I have a quick card to share with you.  I've been having a great amount of loss lately with friends and friend's friends.  It's amazing how one day you can be here and the next, your gone.  Remember to take time and tell your family, friends and everyone else you can think of how much you love them.  When you find yourself thinking of someone you haven't talked to in a while, pick up the phone and give a quick call.  Make sure you say "goodbye" as you run out the door and tell them how much you enjoy their company.  It's only takes a second out of your day, for tomorrow they just might not be here....

The sentiment is from from her
I pop dotted it to the same color background.

I made the stick pins and love how they turned out.
The ribbon had stitching in the center of it, but when
I attached it to the card it was too yellow...I then used
my red bic marker and colored every other stitch.
A friend of mine recently gave me a bunch of brass
stencils.  I researched and found a way to use them 
with my cuddlebug.  I had to play around with 
come different sandwhiched ideas, but I love the
way it turned out.  Then I also used a bit of
metallic rub ons to highlight the embossing a bit.

The other day I showed you my reorganizing of my craft room and I got a lot of positive comments on it, but I also got asked how I store my scraps???  I am so sorry that I forgot to touch upon that.  This is where I keep them:
The bins next to my cutting station are my scraps,
very handy after I've cut something.
This works well for me.  I've kept them
mostly within one color but I did combine
yellows w oranges and black w silver and gray
I do keep pattern and solid together also.
So far I have had no problem in doing that.
In fact, when I am in the scrap hunt mood its
nice to have pattern and solid together to 
coordinate right then and there together.
Hope this has helped to clarify some things.

Thanks for coming over today and I hope to see you back real soon.


  1. Brenda I love the way you have your scraps stored! Your scraps are more organized than my craft room. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Brenda,
    This was a wonderful post and very timely. I seem to be in the same boat as you with a lot of friends suffering losses lately. Your stick pins are beautiful and I love how you customized the ribbon. So pretty!

  3. Very pretty card. I love the stick pins. I have to give them a try myself. Such great advise. I'm sorry that you have lost so many friends recently.

    I really enjoyed the photos of the before and after of your scrap room. I thought of you/them as I was trying to start cleaning in mine. I didn't get very far. It's kind of overwhelming. I should take some photos of the before, then after myself. Your scrap storage is simliar to mine, but I keep cardstock separate from patterend paper as well, and I haven't sorted the pp yet. I really have to get moving. I will have to check out your re-do again for more inspiration. Great job.

  4. Great card, Brenda! I love how the metallic rub-ons look over the embossed images. Very pretty!


  5. Beautiful card, Brenda -- I think you know how touching this card was for me :) I love the colors and the stick pins... And I love that you figured out a way to use those brass stencils -- I think I have a stack of those hidden somewhere!!

    BIG beautiful hugs to ya,

    Amy :) at


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