Friday, September 2, 2011

Reorganized Craftroom and a few announcements

 Good morning

Here is a quick look into my before and after craft room.  You need to know that this is a VERY small bedroom and I can barely walk in it with all this stuff, so organization is a must, but staying organized is the bigger challenge.  LOL

Before After
My cricut was on an old baker's rack and misc junk piled here and there
Now the baker's rack holds my cuddlebug and underneath my chalks and paints,
and my rolled vinyl
My crafting table?  I have no idea how I was
able to craft on that
Still a bit cluttered, but let's see how long it lasts
The north wall is a giant shelf, but the shelves
were too deep and my Ecraft sat above my
papers - you can barely see it
Now a metal rack is inside my closet and all my
paper is one that shelf.  I have another white book
type shelf that holds all my ribbon and fabric scraps

See this shelf unit just had a modge podge

Now my cricut and my E-Craft are shelf buddies
This is how my ribbon looked with my
inks underneath on that metal rack that
now holds all my paper INSIDE the closet
Now my inks are ontop on my baker's rack
along with all my homemade glimmer mists.  

Here are just some miscellaneous pictures all of after transformation.  I'm pretty happy with it:
My computer station
My packaged stamps and some ribbons attached
with clothes pins and curtain hooks...Works for me

I know have a cutting station, you don't
even wanna know what I did before
I even have room to hang another shelf
above it....hmm, wonder where I could get one?
Under my cutting station, my alphabet
and block stamps
Crazy son is very happy with his mom....and so is she!!!
NOW, this might not work for everyone,
but it does for me.  I am very happy with the
transformation and look forward to getting back to
crafting  I hope you come back soon and check out
what I've made...

Wow, crazy huh?  Now I do have a few quick announcements also:  I've joined a new DT over at Filekutz and would like to thank LisaJane for having me join her.  I'm so excited about her SVG files, so be sure to keep checking back to see what's new over there.
With a heavy heart I've stepped down from the Getting Cricky DT for personal reasons, but I will continue to promote Kristal's stamps as I am in love with them.  So be sure to check back for more cards and projects.
I'm going to continue on over at Lasting Memories.  I am so excited about that because it's really gotten my scrapbooking on a roll.  I've accomplished so much this last term and also learned so much from all the talented ladies and submissions.  Whew!!!  Some of those layouts knock my socks off.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another blog hop I am so lucky to be a part of.  I will have something special for you too...
Susan's Birthday Hop


  1. I love the look of your cleaned up craft room, Brenda! Mine is pretty much in your before stage! I try to keep organized but it just doesn't happen! Congratulations on your DT position at FileKutz! And I am still so very sad about not having you as a DT sister anymore :( I will stop back tomorrow for the Birthday Bash Blog Hop!


  2. Oh, girlie... You really did a FANTASTIC job on your craft room!! I can't wait to see how much MORE creativity we get out of ya now!! :)

    You have inspired me to do a little work on my own room now... I suppose I'll get started on that later today :)

    Thanks for all your wonderful support and comments -- I'm soooooo glad you're still on the Lasting Memories DT... That is such a FUN challenge spot to see you!! :)

    Amy :) at

  3. WOW! Loved to see your pictures! Its fun to see how people orginize everything. you did a great job! How are you storing your scraps>? any ideas?


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