Friday, September 30, 2011

Peanut Butter Jar repurposed

Good morning friends

Today I wanna show you a quick re-purposing project.  With what I would usually have thrown away, I love to recycle it and make it "new" and useful again.  Hubby loves peanut butter and I bet I own 10 of these empty jars, but they will come in handy today.  As most of you know, I throw on a dart league.  I've been throwing darts for about 15 years, but just can't seem to get any better...LOL  Leagues started 3 weeks ago and my teammates and I "play" a game within the league night.  If we throw under 30 points per round we have to add a quarter to the "jar".  If one of the teammates throws a hat-trick, 150 points in one round, we all have to contribute 50 cents to the jar.  It can get very costly for me sometimes, especially throwing under 30 points per round.  (told  you I can't get any better), but this is an incentive to try and throw better, I do not wanna contribute to the jar...

Here is the jar I made to collect our winnings:
I cut everything in vinyl...the logo (bar's name, ie Little Coalinga)
and then I cut "Dart$" out of blue vinyl and layered it over the logo.
I added our names also in blue vinyl
I used the my Ecraft and SCAL 3 to cut everything
I just added a blue vinyl circle to the lid and cut 
a slit so we can add our quarters.  These plastic lids 
are super hard and I had my son cut it for me, 
(remember I'm not allowed to play with knives).  
It's not very straight, but quarters still go in it
Now after only 2 weeks of leagues already we have over $15 in that jar, 
and I am NOT the only one contributing  LOL
Now you might ask what we do with the money at the end of the season?  
We use it for the end of season tournament.  Then we kinda play (drink)  for free...


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