Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Decorate to Celebrate #8 "Anything Goes"

Good morning and Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am so excited to be a guest designer over at an awesome blog that I just recently found, Decorate to Celebrate!  Decorate to Celebrate is a super-fun challenge blog dedicated to showing off decorations for every celebration.  This is my first guest design spot over there and I am hoping for many more to come.  I've entered only one challenge so far and I won first here to see what I's AMAZING.  Thank you Rhonda, I can't wait to get my hands on that mini...

The theme for today's challenge is: Anything, so no direction there...well, this was actually easier than I thought it would be because I have a baby shower coming up this weekend and needed to make something special for this beautiful lady and her soon to be born baby boy.  Unfortunately she lives in another State and I will not be able to attend the shower, but I know she will be pleased with her gift.  She loves the things I make, at least she tells me that she does and making a shower gift is much more personal than just going out and buying something, so this is what I came up with:  Hold on to your seat, we are heading into a time capsule.

Now, remember when you had your first child and you wanted to save everything little thing to commemorate that blessed day?  I know I saved a lot of things from the baby and mommy bracelet to the coming home outfit.  But what do you do with those things?  Some things are too bulky to add to the baby book and other things are too little and get lost along the way...well how about building a time capsule?

This is what I started with:
Again, the recycler in me comes out.  I collected a lot of
these containers while working at the casino and they have
come in quit handy.  My dual paint and primer is my favorite
paint at this time also.  It adheres to plastic like a charm.
So spray painted the lid blue, next time I will 
remember to wear gloves...ugh.
I promise, no smurfs were harmed in making this project.
And this is what it turned into.  Now I wanted to take 
pictures of each step, but it was very late at night
and I had already ruined one container - 
do not leave plastic sitting too close to your hot glue gun...
ok, I've run out of excuses, but I think you can get the picture.
First I wrapped the entire container with a baby blue cardstock.
With my E-craft I penned, Name, Date, Time, Length and Weight
and highlighted each word with a blue watercolor pencil.
I also added a silver rattle rubon to the bottom corner,
now she will always know the details.

I added  a rub onto a strip of cardstock using a Martha Stewart 
border punch on which reads It's a Boy and some stick pins with a bit of ribbon.
I added silver stickers to the side of the bottle where
the measurements are and hand drew some lines.
On the other side of the bottle I added some dinosaur 
foam stickers...I wish I knew what her theme was,
it would have been a cuter idea...(afterthought)
Then I glued the cap from a real bottle on top of 
the lid to make it look like a real bottle.

Now I am heading out to purchase some baby items to put inside the "bottle" and off to the mail it goes.  A gift within a gift I say.  Now she will have a place to store all those "firsts" memorabilia from the time this little guy is born until???, well, that's up to her.  Wouldn't it be neat to give this to your child when he has a baby of his own?  Or when your child know how we love to embarrass them at open house?  Or, you could take the "bottle cap" off and cut a slit into the lid and use it as a piggy bank to save up for his college future?  The possibilities are endless...

Thanks so much for stopping by today and thanks again Amy and Rhonda for letting me be part of your fabulous blog as a guest designer! Don't forget to make your own decorations for any occasion and link up at Decorate to Celebrate  I can't wait to see what you create!


  1. This is so awesome, Brenda! What a fabulous idea! It is so creative and beautiful and your embellishments are just perfect! What a great gift idea - I just LOVE this!! :D


  2. Good morning Brenda/Guest Designer with me today!!!Your baby bottle is so sweet and hopefully the Mommy will enjoy putting stuff into it more than you enjoyed the little mishaps along the way. I too find the small mistakes make the project come out even better most of the time. I'm a new follower so I'll be stopping by to say HI. Claire

  3. wow, what an idea, love the way you recycled and made this very pretty decoration. thank you so much for sharing

  4. Congrats on being a guest designer. I was a guest designer with Decorate to Celebrate last wk for Wedd theme. Like the baby idea. Especially like your embellishing. I know what you mean about ruining something. I was using the heat tool yesterday and it took 4 attempts to make a card that I did not mess up.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  5. Yup, you had me laughing through your post -- I'm SO glad to hear that the little Smurf family was not harmed during the making of your Time Capsule!! This is such an ingenious idea -- I'm SURE it will be very well received... And I'll bet you could still come up with something to recycle the other (injured) bottle into!! hee hee...

    Thrilled to have you as a Guest Designer and CONGRATS on your much-deserved win!! :)

    Thanks so much for decorating your celebrations at the Decorate To Celebrate! Challenge Blog!

    Amy :) at
    and Decorate To Celebrate!

  6. Wow, Brenda! What an incredible idea. Your execution is wonderful. Love all of the little details and embellishments. Love it!!!


  7. WOW!!! this is such a great idea and project!! LOVE it!!! Fabulous job!!!

  8. Congrats Brenda on winning 1st place on your beautiful cake project!!!

  9. This is soooooo creative ...what a great idea!

  10. ohh such a good idea!! Really creative!!! and super cute! here from Decorate to Celebrate.

  11. **Here from Decorate to Celebrate**This is super cute...and BTW, I love everything else I saw on your blog, great stuff!!

  12. Great Project! Coming over from "DTC"! TFS!
    Miranda :)

  13. This is such a great idea! Thanks! Here fom DTC! CallyAnn

  14. Wow Brenda what an awesome idea!! I love all the cute details.. Here from Decorate to Celebrate!
    Sherrie K


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