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Upcycle Blog Hop

Good morning and welcome to our Upcycle Blog Hop.  I am so excited to be here and the projects you are about to see from all the talented ladies...well let me just say, you will want to be crafting till there's no tomorrow.  If you just hopped over from Bridgett you are in the right spot, but if you are reading this from your dashboard or reading via email then please start at the beginning with Tanya T~ .  
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So I have known about this Upcycle Hop for about 4 months now and started my project way back then.  When I went to post it, I realized that it's not summer anymore and now I'm not so sure the project should have been made this way, you will see, you can modify it to your liking, so you might want to imagine some fall colors  HEHEHE

So I used to work in a casino and we served liquor there.
I love all the different shapes and sizes of some of the bottles and
would take them home, of course, AFTER they were emptied.  hahaha
I washed it out and took the label off.  Then
using some glass paints I painted the entire bottle
except where the label was with fushia.  With all the 
ridges this bottle has, it gave it some very unique detail.
In vinyl I cut out a butterfly and the word Believe.
I can't believe I took a picture of the weeded portion
and not the outline...what was I thinking?  Anyway, you want
the outer portion of the vinyl so that you can etch the words.
See what I mean?  I used my etching cream and let it 
sit for 20 minutes.  I know the directions say 5 to 10, but
I always want to make sure the etching cream really
penetrates the glass and it doesn't hurt it at all to leave on longer.
So I did that to both sides...the butterfly on one side
and the word Believe on the other side.
Then I filled it with some clear glass marbles that I dyed with
my alcohol inks and added a string of lights through the top.
I added some flowers and leaves from my flower
arranging stash and a little bit of ribbon for balance
Do you see the pink marbles on the bottom?
It's kinda hard to see the word Believe in the photo,
but believe me, it's so much prettier in real life.
The butterfly especially turned out nice and crisp.
I added a butterfly with a stick pin body to one of the
leaves...isn't it just darling?
And there it is, in all its glory.

I hope I've inspired you to upcycle an old bottle maybe and turn it into a beautiful home decor item.  Remember, I made this during the summer, but you could for sure use some fall colored flowers and maybe even add some "orange" lights.  You could use a wine bottle or even a glass pop bottle if you don't have access to any liquor bottles... just let your imagination run wild.
 Now please hop on over to Krista and see what she has made for you.
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  1. Lovely Brenda I am on a recycling spree myself. My last 5 projects all involved some form of recycling!

  2. love this idea, now im going to stalk my neighbors trash cans for those cool empty bottles...great idea....TFS

  3. Wow, so cool. Now I know what i can do with the left over flower vases I get every year. thanks so much. Way to think out of the box.

  4. I never thingk of stuff like that. Good idea!

  5. great job and makes me think need to drink more! i would love to have you visit me at

  6. oh my gosh Brenda I LOVE this!!!! I need to make one of those!!!

  7. i really love this idea ..
    very innovative !

  8. Wowzers Brenda!! This is fabulous! I love the pretty butterfly and the pink marbles on the bottom. Then when you add the string of lights~just stunning! Beautiful work and love the whole concept of recycling for projects! Great idea! TFS!
    Sherrie K

  9. Wow, Brenda, you definitely rocked this project!!! I have several bottles myself I had some ideas for but nothing to touch this!!! I love it, girlfriend!!! TFS, all your wonderful ideas and projects!

  10. I think your bottle turned out beautifully. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing. or
    racincrafts at aim dot com

  11. Pretty. You really did re-use. I like the opaque glass.
    Nice idea.

  12. Beautiful piece. A Chivas bottle DOES make for an excellent canvas and your added touch of coloured marbles and light strand made it lovely.

  13. This is just gorgeous. TFS

    vwilson577 at

  14. the lights give it such a cool feel!

  15. Wow! You really transformed that bottle! Nice job!

  16. WOW!!!!!!! This is so beautiful! You did an amazing job.

    I also wanted to come over and let you know you won my blog candy!!! Shoot me an email me at


  17. Wow, that is really pretty! I really like that you painted the glass too! I think that really made the bottle into something else. Love the lights and marbles too.

  18. this is really cool.. love the light inside.

  19. Love hoe the etching cream can change the bottle to something so elegant!!! TFS!

  20. WOW! This is beautiful! Thanks for telling how you made it. Edwina Brown

  21. Gorgeous, Brenda! I love the bottle you used and your finished project is amazing.


  22. This turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! Absolutely GORGEOUS -- Love the butterfly stick pin too!! :)

    Amy :) at


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