Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good evening,

I was feeling much better this morning so I thought I'd craft a bit.  I got my new stamp sets from Getting Cricky and this time I got Splashtastic Summer and Amazing You.  I can't wait to get my Freedom isn't Free and Food for Thought sets.  They should be here the beginning of next week so I will have some more cards to show you.  I've already designed a bunch on my gypsy, I am just waiting for the stamps to arrive and then I can finish them up.  If you are interested in any of these stamp set, just click on their links and it will take you directly to Kristal's store.  You better hurry, I know she is running out of some already.

Anyway, I hate making mistakes, especially when the project that I am working on is almost complete.  Yuck!!! But sometimes...well mistakes are a good thing.  I'll explain in a minute.  So I was working on this card I designed in my Gypsy using the Paper Doll Dress Up cart.  I used the shell cut and welded it together.
Then I created another layer and "hid" the outside lines so that I would just have the inside shell lines which I then "drew" with Amy Chomas pen set.  I love using these so much.  I recently also got the sharpie holder and can't wait to try something with that.  If you look at the top of the picture you see layer and then pen.  This way I know what needs to be drawn and what needs to be cut.  I always draw first, then cut.
Once it was all cut out I stamped my PeachyKeen face from the Everyday Character Assorted set and also the sentiment from Splashtastic Summer "Shell-o" in silver.  I then embossed the Shell-o, oh so bold and cool looking.  These stamps are just wonderful!!!  I had also inked around the edges of the shell.  Now here is where the mistake came in; I didn't get all of the embossing powder off around the sentiment...bummer.  Not really, you see I just added more embossing powder all around the shell so it looks kinda like the shell has got sand on it.  It worked out perfectly.  Sometimes mistakes do turn into something better.

I also cut the shell out again in plain white paper and layered inside the card and stamped Just stopping by to say...Enjoy the Summer.  I so love how all these stamps can fit so nicely together.  This was also from the Splashtastic Summer set.
So I hope you enjoyed another card and please hop on over to Getting Cricky and order yourself a couple of sets and make something fun.


  1. Super cute--I didn't even notice your mistake--hahah!

  2. Brenda, this is just too cute! And that does look like sand! Isn't it great when our mistakes turn into advantages!!!

  3. Very cute. Love that does give it some texture..


  4. Great job on this, Brenda!! :) I can't wait to play some more with this stamp set now!! :)

    Amy :) at

  5. I love your shell card! Very cute. I am often pleasantly surprised at what"mistakes" can lead to. Some of my favorite projects have come about in trying to cover up or fix a mistake. Love what you did.



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