Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Soooo Proud

Good day all -

Okay, today I am going to brag about my youngest son. I know sometimes people get bored with what I might have to say, but you never know when there will be some blog candy involved. So onto why I am blogging again today.

My son's last day of school for the summer was May 18th. He is looking forward to summer break and golfing as much as possible. He's 11 years old and has been golfing for a couple of years now. He golfs with his dad and some of his dad's friends on Tuesday evenings and loves being part of the "guys". This year he is taking First Tee lessons at the golf course by our house and he's very about it. Plus after his lessons he can golf for another two hours for free. He likes that alot too, kinda takes after his mom when it comes to "free". Anyway, so back to why I am so proud of him...he is a very smart and level headed kid.  He's kind to everyone and has a very soft heart.  He will cry at a movie or cuddle with his niece when she's sad.  He opens the doors at the grocery store for a little old lady or gives a quarter to the little boy who wants to ride the pony at the front entrance of Walmart.  He loves going to church with his older sister because our church is boring. 

Well...the last day of school was awards day.  They had an assembly at the end of the day and noone knew if he or she was getting an award until their name was called.  Even the parents weren't told...odd, huh?  Since I hadn't heard that he would be getting an award I didn't go.  I had to work that day and really couldn't afford to take the time off of work anyway.  Plus, I didn't get word he would be getting an award so I didn't think it would be that big of a deal that I didn't go.  HA!!!

Austyn said that there were ALOT of awards being given out and it was a long assembly.  He said it got quite boring and when teh principle announced that ALL the awards had been given out he was relieved and glad to get out of that hot and sticky gym and get outside to the playground before the busses came.  The principle then corrected himself and said there was indeed one more award.  The award was for the Outstanding Academic Excellence.  Well, Austyn admittedly told me that by this time he was a bit frustrated and just wanted to get out of know where this is going, don't you?  Yup - Austyn got this award!!!  Wowzers.  He got a certificate signed and sealed by Secretary of Education, Principal, our State Governor and President Obama.  He also received a signed letter (probably just a form letter) signed by President Obama also.

He said he was absolutely flabber gasted.  He could hardly wait till I got home from work to show me.  I wish I had known about the award so I could have been there to take pictures to scrap the memory.  I for sure would have taken the day off of work, money or no money, it would have been worth it!!!

Now, this is where I need your help...I want to display the certificate and the letter, but they are standard letter sized and I don't want it to be overly huge.  I was thinking of a shadowbox style frame...but?  So here you get to help me out and leave a comment on how you would display this.  *I may or may not use your suggestion, but I would appreciate some input.  Now for leaving a comment with a suggestion and being a follower I will be giving the Getting Cricky Food For Thought stamp set away that I posted about earlier today as soon as I receive them.  **Scroll down if you missed that post**  I will leave this open for 1 week and announce the winner NEXT Sunday during the next Simply Sunday challenge.


  1. Congratulations Austyn!!!! Great job! I would be proud of him too if he was my son. Too bad you missed it.
    I think I would put them in 2 separate fancy frames and hang the letter above the certificate. Good luck.

  2. Well, congratulations to your son! As for framing them, I would do 2 separate frames since one is a horizontal certificate and the other is vertical. I may be a little boring that way but I think it will showcase them nicely.

  3. Aw, congratulations Austyn! He's so adorable! What a wonderful kid! I would just put them in frames. I put my diplomas in "diploma frames" I got from a local framing company, Pictures Plus. They're elegant, simple, and don't take away from the focal point. :) Thanks for the chance to win! I've been eyeing this stamp set from Kristal!

  4. How very exciting! Congrats! I agree with the above ^^ and you should use 2 separate frames!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (Dot) com

  5. Wow, I'd brag too!!! Congratulations, Austyn!!!

    Sounds like a wonderful kid, and I'm proud of him for you!!!

    Do you have one of those "diy" framing shops where you live. We have one here, and when my hubby received a letter and his Masters, we took them there and double-framed it. The diy frame shops have people who will assist you, and even tell you what frames are best for a professional look. Anyway, that's an idea (?)

  6. Congratulations Austyn and Mom. I'm sorry you weren't able to attend. I bet he was so surprised. You both deserve to be proud.

    When my son got his EMT certificate, I scanned it. I reprinted it in a smaller size and did a scrapbook page. I also just framed it for him. I like your idea of a shadow box. Maybe you an scan them and print smaller versions, but not too small. If you had a large shadow box, you could include both together with other scrappy embellishments. I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are so creative.

  7. This is wonderful! Congratulations! My Emily got this award last year, a wonderful accomplishment. What joy it was to see her get this.

  8. This is so great! Congratulations!!! I have a "kids achievement wall" in my hall. Now I should say my daughter is 32 and my son passed away almost 16 yrs ago, but there is still that spot. I have my daughter's HS graduation in one shadow box and her college one in another. I have student of the month and year awards there too, along with a letter of achievement in a frame. My suggestion would be to make smaller copies, If you are worried about size and either do one shadow box or my other suggestion would be to make smaller copies and modge podge them on a pine decorative plaque that you could then hang up. The modge podge will keep for years. I have two of them that I've had on my wall for about 35 years. tfs Tami


    Tambo's Creations

  9. oh that is fantastic!! what a way to end the year! I would frame them in matching frames- so every one could see them! Awesome job!


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