Sunday, June 19, 2011


Good evening

Well, first let me thank everyone again for the super sweet comments on my Sole-Sister shoe card dedicated to my DT sistas.  You guys really made me feel special.  I love working with these ladies and they are so talented and are just sweet all around.  I am still trying to get to all of the commentators.  If you were a new follower I am getting to you, so that I can follow you also.  You guys just so made my day!!! Thank you, thank you.  

Alright, I had 98 comments and 3 emails with the secret word.  The secret word was "precious" at the U-Stream debut.  The lucky commentator was....

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG, I absolutely love this card!!! You knocked this right outta the box, my friend!!!


  1. Congratulations to Audrey!! I know you are going to love these stamps. I am Thanks for the chance to win and I will be back often to check out your blog. Good luck on your dental work. I hate having dental work done and I wish you a speedy recovery!!! Terri of Two Pink Peas

    P.S. I am going to have a HUGE blog candy giveaway tomorrow sometime on my blog so feel free to stop by and enter once I post it. Thanks so much!! Terri

  2. Congratulations, Audrey!


  3. OMG!!! I was dropping in to let you know I have a blog award for you on my blog, and what a surprise to find I've won a set of stamps! I wasn't expecting this, and what an absolutely wonderful surprise!!!

    Of course, I had to run over to Getting Cricky really fast to pick out a stamp set, so I'll be emailing you that really soon! Thanks so much for a wonderful shock and surprise!!! Coming here has really made my day!

    Almost forgot, you do have a blog award at my place so please feel free to grab it at your leisure!!!

    Oh, now that I know I've won, you don't have to leave me a comment on my post letting me know! LOL!!!

    I'll be seeing you!


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