Monday, August 8, 2011

Pictures and Project

Good morning,
was I missed?  so I am back from the most wonderful Boundary Water's trip yet.  We had almost perfect weather, and when it did rain, it was the first night while we were in bed already.  NO humidity and the sunrises and sunsets were to die for.  God's country for sure.  Each day this week I will include a couple, ok, maybe more than a couple, of pictures of our trip with my post.  So here goes (picture heavy):

This is how we had to pack...our van, which we would normally take on this type of a vacation decided to get a hiccup and we just didn't have the time before vacation to figure out what was wrong with it, so stuff it in the trunk of the Taurus and add 4 people in the car.  Eu veh!!!
Dried foods and essentials.  Hopefully we catch fish!!!
Day pack with fishing gear and granola bars for 
on the water in case the little one get hungry
Our new water filtration system.  You have to pump
the water out of the lake and then flush it with some type
of filtration system or boil it.  
Red bag, clothes for after Boundary Waters
Green duffle, cooking and eating utensils and hubbies clothes.  
A bucket for water, anchors and misc other "needed" items
Camo duffel with a water tight bag stuffed inside of it with food
Orange pack, our oldest's clothes and sleeping bag
Backpack, youngest's clothes
Blue pack, my clothes with sleeping bag attached
Two tents, canoe seats with back rest, fishing net,
my blue day pack, hubbies red day pack
Leach bucket and mosquito hat nets in black bag
5 fishing rods 
empty trunk
full trunk
and what didn't fit in the trunk got shoved between me 
and the youngest and on the floor at our feet.

We made it hopefully we can get it all back into the car after we are done.  Drive up to Boundary Waters was fabulous.  We hit a bit of weather half way there, but nothing major.

So now onto my project - at the end of July I had posted a shaker card I made with this adorable "fishy" file that I got from Adams Acres.  You can get the file here at Diecut Designers for $1.  I am a designer for Adams Acres and love working with her files.  They cut very well and are very versatile.  It also worked so very well with the Summer Splashtastic stamp set from Getting Cricky.

After I cut the fishies out on my E-Craft I added clear contact paper to the back of the fishies and then glittered ontop of it.  I saw this technique a while ago and I cannot remember where I saw this, but she had an awesome video showing exactly what she did.  I've searched and searched and for the life of me I cannot find it.  If you know who's idea this was, or if it was yours, please add a comment and I will for sure link up to you!!!  I just loved this technique.  I also added an Everyday character face from Peachy Keen and then stamped my sentiment on the umbrella.
I also added a google eye and inked around the edges of the fish.

I added some glue to the brown cardstock and then added embossing powder and heated it up to create "sand".  I really like how this turned out.

Now remember, Kristal over at Getting Cricky will be announcing her new DT today sometime.  I am so excited to be working with these fabulous women.  Also don't forget that she also has her new stamps out  for pre-order.  You can find all the details here.

Here are the new sets.  Hopefully I will have mine the end of this week or early next and I can start showing you some new projects:


  1. I have so enjoyed reading and seeing about your trip. I'm glad you had such a great time. I can't wait to hear more about it. I'm fascinated with how little food you packed.

    I love your card. Your sand is awesome and the paper is great for the water. The fishies are adorable. I love your trick for adding the glitter. I had seen something like that years ago, using the Xyron to apply the adhesive to stick glitter or sand to. Great job.

  2. Your card is fabulous! I love how the sand turned out. Thanks for sharing pictures and stories about your trip as well. It sounds fun.


  3. Brenda, glad you're back and had a great time!!! What great pictures!

    Love your little "fishy" card; so cute. And, like the other ladies, love how you did the sand!


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