Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hats off to You

Good morning,

well hopefully we found our campsite alright.  From past years we've learned that you paddle all the way to where you want to go as quickly as you are able to and remember where open campsites are in case the one you want is already occupied.  Boundary waters only allows so many people in per day, but can leave whenever you want.  Therefore, you don't know if a campsite is being used until you get to the one you want.  This year we are hoping for the "island".  I've never been there, but the boys have and they say it's an awesome campsite and the fishing is really good.  There are no motorboats allowed anywhere in Boundary waters so we canoe every where and to get to the island we will be paddling and portaging for about 3 hours.  Keep your fingers crossed!  I will be wearing a hat to keep the sun off, but it won't be as glamorous as the one you are about to see...

Today I made a simple but elegant card for you. 

The hat is from Scrapping Table's Glamour Girl set and the tag is cut using a border punch for the edges.  I added a little flower with a bling center and some ribbon.  I inked around all the edges for some drama and of course the stamp is from Getting Cricky's Fashionable Friends set.  I have no idea where the background paper is from because it's from my stash, but the card was easy, peasy to make, but oh so cute.

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  1. What a pretty purple hat card!

    Okay, I've got my fingers crossed now!

  2. Hat's Off to You for canoeing and portaging to a campsite. You have more ambition than I would have and I sure hope you have a wonderful time. Great card, Brenda.

  3. I hope you made to your campsite ok. I hope you are able stay on the island. I'm sure you are having fun either way. Your card is wonderful. So simple, but heart warming. I love the new stamps. Thanks for the preview.

  4. Very pretty card. I hope you are having fun on your vacation and you get the spot you want.

    Precious Hugs

  5. So pretty! I love the flower on the hat. :)



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