Monday, August 15, 2011

Craft It Forward Gift received

Good morning friends

Remember I told you about the Craft it Forward project I am participating in?  If not, go here and check it out, I am still looking for 3 people to sign up.

Well, Audrey over at Cute and Some was to craft it forward to me and this is what I got:
She knows how much I love jewelry, so so made me a 
Pin/Pendant and a notebook.
She added a leather cord to wear it as a necklace
or also a pin backing.  LOVE IT
Does this look familiar?
She took my signature off of my blog and 
copied it off 3 times and popdotted it in layers.
Then she took stickles and highlighted around it.
What a fabulous idea!!!
Look at all the bling, she also knows me way too well on this.
She did a great job and I am so thrilled with both my gifts.
Here is the notebook opened.  It's so cute I don't want to use it.

Now, if you'd like a gift from me, please add a comment under the original post here and I will get it out to you as soon as possible.  Thanks so much for joining me today.


  1. wow!! creativity and an awesome personalized gift!! what a nice friend :)

  2. what a cute gift. anyone would love this. I wanted to stop by and become a follower and thank you for stopping by blog and leaving a comment it means alot. I will be back to visit. hugs. Rhonda scrap happens with RHonda


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