Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chalkboard Tray

Good morning,

Today should be our last day in Boundary Waters...depending on when you are reading this, we may or may not be off the water, but we will be back to civilization today sometime.  Our first stop after returning the canoes will be the hotel for a HOT shower and some real food.  Not that we didn't have real food on our trip, but by now I want some chicken or steak, no more fish for a while.  I love fish but for 4 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner I am ready for something else.  Also maybe a glass of wine to go with my meal.  LOL

Anyway, onto my post... remember the tray I showed you for the "Christmas in July" blog hop last week?  Well, my dear friend had given me two trays so I decided to make a Christmas present for Miss Bella and this is what I made...

I just love these trays because they have legs.
Make sure you sand the tray a bit first so the paint will adhere best.
Then I painted the tray with black chalkboard paint.
I used the Krylon paint and it is so awesome.
It's very glossy right now, but that will change.
I cut all the letters and flowers with my E-craft out of vinyl
and added some rhinestones to the centers of the flowers.
Then I taped off the center...
and added a sealer to the rim of the tray.  This way she won't
be able to "pick" off the vinyl or the bling.
You must condition the tray with chalk before you can use it.
Just rub chalk over the entire surface in both directions.
Isn't this just the coolest project?
Since the tray is metal I am going to either make or buy
her some magnetic alphabets also.  I think she will love this!!!
I am also linking this up over at AllThingsFee  I love this site because there is such a variety of projects.  So much imagination and brilliance going on over there.

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  1. OMG, I love fish but I wouldn't want anymore either for while after 4 days at 3 meals!!!

    You're trays came out amazing!!!

  2. Wow, Brenda! This is fabulous. What a marvelous idea. I love you how embellished it too.


  3. What an awesome project Brenda. I love it and so will Bella. The letters and numbers are awesome. The E-craft does an amazing job. Beautiful work. I hope your trip went well and that you enjoy your hot shower and real meal.

  4. Wow Brenda this is such a cool idea. I am going to have to lift this for the 2 oldest grands for Christmas. Thank you for the idea.

    Precious Hugs and safe travels.

  5. Love what you did with the trays. Wish I were your Granddaughter. You make the neatest things.

  6. This project is the it! I am gonna have to try it:) TFS!
    Sherrie K


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