Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cupcake Toppers w/ Creative Paperclay and Day 3 of BWCA

Good morning,
I so apologize for not having my post up on Tuesday for my Creative Paperclay project.  Before I went on vacation I thought I had everything pre-posted, but clearly I was wrong.  Here is a quick idea for cupcake toppers using Creative paperclay.  As most of you know I am a designer over there and it's been such fun.  I never thought I'd love to experiment this much.  I knew I was pretty excited about getting selected for the team, but this has been beyond exciting.  The possibilities are endless.
I used my cookie cutters to cut out my Creative Paperclay.
Then I placed a toothpick between two layers of the Paperclay
and used a stylus to smooth out the edges.
If the paperclay dries too quickly, you can always
add a bit of water and do some more smoothing.
After the clay had completely dried, I painted both
the hearts and the toothpicks with acrylic paint.
and stamped this cute face from Peachy Keen's 
Everyday Characters.  She looks so happy.

Now, just think of all the holdiays that are coming up.  You could do Christmas trees, pumpkins, etc.  I hope I've inspired you to make some cupcake toppers and would love to see some of your own creations.  You can purchase Creative Paperclay here or you can even get it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Here is another Heavy Picture post of our vacation:
The morning tree, clear blue skies
Brothers hanging out waiting for breakfast.
Pancakes cooking
Watching April eat pancakes, cuz she 
GIANT snapping Turtle...loves eating our dead fish
Austyn, Aunt Kim and hubby taking a canoe fishing trip.
No, it wasn't cold, but Austyn got pretty sunburned,
he's so fair skinned, that he wanted to stay covered.
Giant snapping turtle back for more dead fish.
I didn't filet today.  I thought I'd let the guys do it...
Austyn and Uncle Phil taking the fish guts to the other
side of the lake so the snapping turtle would leave us alone.
Video of the canoe paddle to drop off fish guts.
Using the water station.  This worked so well this year.
We would fill the jug up with water from the lake, 
nice and cold and then pump our water bottles full.
With past water filtration systems we've used the water
still tastes funny and we've always added vitamin packets
or kool aid packets, not this year.  If water can "taste" good
this year's water was FABULOUS.
Carl needed a nap...
I just loved this silhouette.  I want to blow this one up.
My turn to help cook since I didn't clean the fish.  
Fish, mac n cheese and grapes for supper.
Evening tree...
One last picture of the cousins before we turned in for the night.
I hope you come back tomorrow for our last day of Boundary Waters.  I will have a complete video of the tour of the camp, and some pictures of us paddling out.  Beautiful scenery and already missing the peace and quiet of God's Country.


  1. Looks like you had a great time!! and have lots to scrap!!

  2. The cupcake toppers are adorable. The possibilities are endless. Great work. The silhoutte photo is awesome.


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