Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Repurpose #cre8time Wallhanging

Good day friends,

So recently I had a burst of energy and "cleaned" by craft room.  In doing so I found so many wonderful things to play with.  It was like Christmas...  I am a serious hoarder of EVERYTHING.  I have many great plans and then forget about them or stash them away and don't remember why I wanted to "keep" this or that when I find it again.

A while back we were cleaning out some shelves and I found this old cassette holder.  Yes, it was full of cassettes also.  I don't even own a cassette player anymore, but thought I could re-purpose the old thing.  Into my hoarding room it went to be totally forgotten about.

Again, while I was cleaning the other day I came across it.  Now I do know I had kept it thinking I was going to stash all my ink pads in it, but since then I found some cool wooden cassette holders that were a bit bigger than this and nicer looking.  Now I was heading to the trash with it when I remembered a pintrest idea.  Someone had taken cereal boxes and covered them with paper and make some home decor wall hangings.  Well, we don't eat cereal out of boxes, we are bag cereal eaters.  So there goes that idea ... but

I traced around a piece of cardboard to fit the case.

I also reinforced it with some "cheap" duct tape I got at the Dollar store.
This tape isn't as good as the real duct tape, so I use it for other things.

Then I found some pretty wrapping paper and wrapped it like a present.
I was careful not to wrap it all the way to the holes for hanging, 

and now some cheap wall decor.
I'm going to have to find another box of some kind and add another one
maybe lengthwise to match.

I think the granddaughters will like this in their room.

Instead of throwing things away, re-purpose them!

I hope you've enjoyed this simple homedecor project and look forward to hearing what you think!

As always, have a great day and God Bless!

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