Monday, August 31, 2015

Horseshoe Star

Good morning friends

Happy Labor Day!!!

Today I wanted to share something I found on Pintrest.  I am constantly pinning projects and hardly ever make them, but I do love looking at all the fun things people create.  This time I actually recreated something, but with a twist.

This is what I found on Pintrest.  Love, love, love this!

My only fear was that using real horseshoes would be #1, VERY heavy and  #2 dangerous if it fell by either breaking something or someone!  But I had the perfect solution!  So let's get started.

A little bit of background why I used this particular horseshoe.  
When we bought our house we found this horseshoe among some flowers in a flower bed.  
My husband said this was going to be our "lucky" horseshoe and it needed to stay in the yard.  
It's very old and rusty, but it's been with us ever since. (14 years)  

I started out with my Amazing Mold Putty from the Amazing Casting Products 
and created a mold of my horsehoe.

Since the mold putty sets up fairly quickly I did this in chunks.  
Adding a little bit of mold putty all the way around.

It doesn't have to be pretty, just function-able.  
Also, you want to make sure you have NO seams.

Then I used my Amazing Casting resin and filled the mold 5 times as I needed 5 horseshoes.  
When the resin sets up in about 10 minutes, depending on how big or small your mold is, it hardens white.

Now, I seem to have lost my pictures of my mold actually curing, but they turned out wonderful.  

Next I laid them out and used my painters tape and taped off the areas that would not need to be painted.

and again

and again

until I got this:

Isn't this just AMAZING?

I used my E6000 to glue the cross pieces together and let that cure for about 24 hours. 

I wanted to make triple sure this would not break apart.

Now the best part of this entire project, this weighs less than nothing.  Seriously!!!  
Could you imagine what 5 solid horseshoes would weigh?

And now it hangs in my tree for all to see!

I am completely thrilled with this piece!

I hope I've inspired you to find your project on Pintrest and follow through!

As always have a great day and God Bless.

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