Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#Cre8time meets Steampunk meets Refrigerator Magnet

Good morning friends,

I got super excited about a stamp I recently purchased at a Dollar Store of sorts.  It's really not a dollar store per say as their prices range from $1 to multiple dollars, but let's call it a discount store.  They sell everything from toys to laundry soap.  You never know what you will find.  Well, we used to have this chain in our town, but it didn't last.  Not sure why it didn't last cuz I thought I kept them in business!  LOL  Now, my job has me traveling a bit more and I found this chain in one of the small towns I have to go to once a month.  YEAH me!!!  During one of my last visits I found this awesome steampunk stamp set.

It's got awesome gears and a bike and a lightbulb and oh, just lots of fun things!
And the best part?  It only cost $2.  Yeah, me again!

So I stamped the image on a piece of paper and colored some of the sections. 
Now, while I really liked this, I love mixed media projects and wanted to run with some 3d images.


out comes my Amazing Mold Putty and that gear stamp.

I molded it

and colored them with my Amazing Alumidusts.

Poured my Amazing Casting Resin (I have a few gear molds, lol)

and here are my gears.!!!  LOVE> LOVE

Then using an ordinary pair of scissors I cut my gears apart
(because I wasn't using them all in that way)

and glued them over the stamped image plus others.  I added a couple of hearts, an elephant (my favorite), a bent paper clip that I shaped into a heart, some scribbles around the frame and I added some more gears and rhinestones to the frame.
Now I have an amazing refrigerator magnet.  

Sometimes even I Amaze myself.

I hope you liked my little #cre8time fun and look forward to your comments.

As always, have a great day and God Bless!

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