Monday, February 9, 2015

South Dakota Bullet keychain

Good day friends,

I was recently asked to make a keychain for a client who wanted to commemorate his hunting in South Dakota.  I wasn't too sure if I could pull that off, but of course I would try.  After creating the keychain I was told I didn't use the right bullet, lol.  That just goes to show how little I know about guns and bullets.  Oh well, I'll try again...but here is how I did make the original.

I started out with a bullet and hot glued it to the bottom of a 2 oz measuring cup.  The bullet was just a bit higher than the cup so ...

... I added some painters tape around the cup and poured my Amazing Mold Rubber.  Amazing Mold Rubber is a two part silicon that when mixed together creates a fabulous pliable mold that can be used over and over again.  You can view a "how to" video HERE.

Here is just another view of the cup.  The process of setting up takes anywhere from 4 to 12 hours depending how small or large your "vessel" is.  This set up in a little over 4 hours.

I popped the mold out of the medicine cup and pulled my bullet out.  The mold rubber doesn't leave any residue behind and you can use your "vessel" over again.

Then I decided I wanted to make my bullet two toned just like the original so I "painted some silver Alumilite Gun Metal Metallic Powder in the bottom of the mold, followed by some Gold Metallic Powder.

I also mixed up my Amazing Casting Resin with the same Alumilite Gun Metal Metallic Powder.  
The Amazing Casting Resin is also a two part mixing process
and you can view a video HERE to see how that works.

While the resin is hardening I added a piece of wire half way into the resin and held it with a clothespin while it sets up.  It takes about 15 minutes to harden when you add the powders.

Now I needed to create the State of South Dakota and using my cricut and SCAL, 
I cut 6 pieces of chipboard and hot glued them together to give them some height.

I laid the bullet over the chipboard and with a pencil, 
I drew lines on either side to give it exact width.

and carefully cut it out one layer at a time with my exacto knife 
make sure not to cut ALL the way through the chipboard..

Then I molded it with my Amazing Mold Putty.  
This again is a 2 part process and you can view the video HERE.

Here is my mold.  

Now I mixed up the Alumilite Blue Dye with the Amazing Casting Resin ... 

... and poured my mold.

I glued the bullet to the well of the resin piece with E6000.  
Adding a rhinestone for some bling (maybe to depict where he had hunted) and a chain to create a keychain!

Like I said, after I created the keychain I was told that's not the kind of bullet you use to hunt with, but you get the idea, right?  I say it still could work, lol.  I will need him to give me the "correct" bullet and try this again!  Either way, I now have a wonderful mold of the bullet and the State of South Dakota!

What original keychain would you create?  Please leave me a comment and until next time, 
have a great day and God Bless.

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  1. Correct bullet or not, it looks fantastic! Awesome creation!!


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