Thursday, December 20, 2012

Glitter Personalized Ornament

Good morning,
here is a quick ornament I made for my son's girlfriend.  You've probably seen these all  over the web for the past few years, but I just love making them.  In fact, I think all my kids and grandkids have about 3 or 4 each.
All you do is take those ornaments you can get at Michaels for crafting.  Pull the top off and pour in some floor wax and swish it around .  Make sure to get it coated all evenly to the top.  Then just turn the ornament upside down back into the bottle and let it drip.  Then I took some "fine" glitter in yellow (her favorite color) and added it to the inside of the ornament and kept turning the ornament until it was completely coated with the glitter.  It's so simple and quick.  Then I vinyled her name in red and layered it onto the ornament.  Tied a pretty ribbon around it and there it is.
I will be giving her the ornament tonight (actually last night when you read this) since we are having dinner together.  Now she can have her own personalized ornament hanging on her tree in her apartment.
See you next time, and as always, have a great day and God Bless.


  1. I haven't made any of these yet but really want to give them a try. Plus I want to work with the vinyl and have just been to chicken to try it. Your ornament turned out great. TFS

  2. i love making these, i brought one in to work and sold about 30 of them :O

  3. I still haven't given these a try! Your ornament is beautiful and I'm sure she will love it!


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