Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mugs for gift giving

Good morning friends,
today I am showing you another creative way to give gifts for multiples.  Hubby always gives his employees something for Christmas and it usually involves me making it (lol).  I've done personalized ornaments, pen sets, etc.  This year he went shopping and came home with insulated mugs and said:  "here, do something with these."  and here we go
These mugs  
with names vinyled 
on the lower half 
I used my cricut and cut out ornament shapes and
stamped "Merry Christmas" on them 
The mugs had come with a tag that told you about the mug, 
so I took the paper off and stuck it inside and used the "ring" 
the tag was on to attach my own tags. 
ornament on back side of "ring" and bow on front side. 
cute huh? 
I added a pouch of hot cocoa mix inside the mugs
Then I wanted to package them up instead of wrapping them. 
After the 4th of July I got this bag of 50 cellophane baggies for $.25, can't beat that price.
These would be perfect as they had red and stars on them.  Kinda Christmassy I think. 
dropped a few candy canes inside the baggie and 
tied them shut with some green ribbon
viola...a personalized gift for everyone. 
I hope you've enjoyed another simple Christmas gift for multiples...
I should be back tomorrow for yet some more Christmas idea.
As always, have a great day and God Bless.

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