Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowflake Christmas Tree

Good day all,

what a beautiful Sunday it is here.  It started to snow yesterday, very light and fluffy and continued off and on throughout the night.  Today we have a beautiful white blanket covering.  I love the snow, I just don't like the cold that usually comes with it.  Now yesterday I had a day off and decided to take one of Terri Sproul's classes.  She was doing a class yesterday in her linqo room.  I love going to her classes.  She always records them so you can see them any time, but if you go to her live class you can win prizes.  I can't always make it to her live classes, but that's what is so great about her recording them.  Plus if you ever forget how she did something you can always go back and watch the tutorial again and again.  Anyway...onto my project.  She was teaching us how to make a Christmas Tree using curled paper.  She started out with a paper mache cone and card stock.  Go here to watch her video.  Well, I didn't have a paper mache cone laying around and I told Terri that I would be using an empty wine bottle instead.  But first I would have to empty one.  LOL.  So my Saturday afternoon became crafting and wine drinking.  Don't worry, I didn't finish the entire bottle myself, hubby did help a little.
Reisling, one of my favorite white wines 
of course I will be saving the cork for something to make in the future 
Now you need to determine how small or large you want your curls.  I made mine 3 inches in length.  Terri used double sided tape and of course I didn't have any, so I used my ATG gun and ran a strip all the way down the paper and then used some parchment paper to keep the glue from sticking when I cut my strips. 
hmmm, I guess I didn't take a picture of my strips.  Anyway, you would cut this paper now in 1 inch strips and start curling.  Curl from the opposite side your glue is on.  Once you have all your curls made... 
This project took 3 sheets of double sided paper.  Make sure you are using double sided paper, because you will see both sides on your tree. 
now start gluing your strips onto your cone, or wine bottle in my case, by altering your paper here and there. I decided to put a few plain blue pieces onto it and then I embellished those pieces with dew drops from the Robin's Nest and some silver glitter glue.  I also added some blue glitter glue to various snowflakes. 
I cut 3 snowflakes with my cricut at about 3 inches and glued them together to form a topper to my tree. 
See the glitter and dew drops? 
See how my Snowflake topper is 3d?

So I hope you've enjoyed my curled paper Snowflake tree.  I really love how it turned out.  If you make one, please let me know and I will come and check it out.

As always, have a great day and God Bless.


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