Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tear Drop sale at the Robin's Nest

Good morning and welcome to a quick tutorial for the Robin's Nest.  

Now you all know that I am a designer for the Robin's Nest and in my last post I failed to add the sale that is going on over there.  I just want you to know that the products are fabulous and my favorite is the sale that is going on right now.  Can we say "TEAR DROPS".  All the tear drops are 20% off all month! With that said here is a quick project I made for my little Alexis.  Her room is all about butterflies and this is what I came up with for her.

Before I start, I just have to say that something happened to my card for my camera and I lost a few photos, so bear with me and use your imagination.  Sorry guys!!!  

I started by cutting a butterfly out with my cricut in vinyl.  Actually I used dollar tree contact paper.  Love this...because of the waste I didn't want to use my "good" vinyl.  I also used a small round mirror I got at Hobby Lobby.  Now this is where I don't have pictures to really show you, but you will get the gist.  I placed the round piece of contact paper over my mirror exposing the butterfly cutout and used my homemade alcohol inks and randomly stamped different colors onto it.  Purple, pink, blue, orange, etc. and let that dry.  Doesn't take very long at all.  Then I pealed the outside off and placed the butterfly contact paper over the alcohol inked image and used my etching cream and etched around the rest of the exposed mirror to give it a cloudy look.  See here....

Then I added some of the mini dew drops directly onto the butterfly with some quick dry glue
to give it dimension.   
I love dimension. 
I took a wood plaque that I got at Hobby Lobby and 
covered it with the  
Plum Classic Glitter paper that I had left over from my previous project using my Mod Podge and 
I attached the mirror to the wood plaque with some E6000 because I wanted to make sure it has a good solid grip.  I don't want that lovely piece falling off of it. 
Then I added the pink tear drops and diamond drops around the mirror with some quick dry glue.  I will add a hanger to the backside of the plaque and she can have a butterfly hanging over her bed.  

I hope you liked my little project and here and hope to see you again real soon.  Make sure to come back on Sunday, February 24th because I have an announcement to make.  
As always, have a great day and God Bless!


  1. So creative and super cute!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. You've done it again! Love how you used Tear Dew Drops as a my mind running now! :D

  3. i love it! i love the teardrops frame too .. will be back for sure :)

  4. Really cute piece, Brenda. Love how you made the butterfly image with the frosted glass surrounding it. TFS this wonderful idea.


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