Thursday, February 14, 2013

Resin Bracelet and Sakura DT call

Good Morning and welcome to my blog.  There is a design team call over at Sakura Hobby Craft.  I just love their products.  My favorite is the 3d lacquer and of course Terri Sproul's mixers.  It's kinda ironic, but last year for Valentine's Day, my hubby bought the entire mixer set for me and today (one Valentine's day) I am going to show you how to create this with them.
You all know how much I love making jewelry and I wear alot of it to work.  Recently one of my customers asked if I could make her a custom bracelet piece.  I so love a challenge.  The only direction she gave me was that it had to have a PEACE sign.  Oye, I know I didn't have one, so I decided to create one. 
So off to my trusty SCAL program and I cut a peace symbol out of scrap cardstock 5 times and glued them all together. 
This was the perfect thickness for what I wanted. 
Being on the Amazing Mold Putty design team has me addicted to that stuff.  I had to recently purchase some more (since I am no longer on the design team and don't get it for free :(  I knew Michaels carried it so off with my 50% coupon and purchased the last package.  My Michaels discontinued it.  Thank goodness that I can still order it online, because I cannot live without this stuff. 
I added a bit of silver metallic powder to my mold and poured the amazing cast resin into it.  It cured in about 10 minutes.  I guess when I created the mold itself, I didn't let that cure long enough and the resin piece became somewhat bumpy.  BUT, unfortunate mistakes sometimes turn into better projects and soon you will see what I mean. 
I then painted the symbol with a bunch of different colors of the Terri Sproul Mixers.  I used 4 or 5 different colors and combinations and even added some silver alcohol inks.  I kept mixing, adding, mixing, adding until I got exactly what I wanted.  I will tell you, if I make this bracelet again, it will for sure not be the same.  Similar but the colors won't be able to  This was so much fun to make.
See all the mixers and 3d lacquer on my fingers?  I love messy projects and this one is a favorite.  See what I mean about the bumpyness?  But it gave it some awesome character.
Below is a pictures of everything I used to create my bracelet focal peace symbol. 

I was extremely happy with the way it turned out and my customer LOVED it.  Thanks again Karen!!!  Even if I do not make the design team, I will still be using these products for more jewelry tutorials.  Remember, the mixers can be used on almost any surface, paper, resin, clay, tile, glass., etc.  Go check the products out at Sakura, I know you will love them.


  1. wow, this is fun, thanks for your submission to be apart of the Sakura Hobby Craft DT

  2. What a fun fun piece, well done.

  3. Wow, Brenda, very cool project, great tutorials, and I love how it turned out. Good luck!!!

    Lee in Texas

  5. Hiya, Brenda! Wow, it was soooo good to see you'd stopped by -- I was so happy to see you!

    I love-love your bracelet; it's fabulous and turned out just that way!!!


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