Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dollar Tree Candle updo

Good morning and happy Sunday to you.  I am hoping to be doing nothing but crafting and watching a bit of SUPER BOWL today.  I hope that you are doing what you want to be doing also!

Today I have a super quick and simple project that took me not more than 10 minutes to make, but oh so cool.  Remember my favorite store?  Yes, the Dollar Tree.  I swear I can walk in there for a $1 item and walk out with $50, easily for sure.  Anyway, I was there right before Christmas and found these awesome flameless candles for, yup, $1.  I've seen them at Walmart and Target for up to $5.  So of course I had to snatch up a few.  Well, the holidays weren't really great this year, in fact, we didn't have Christmas till last night with everyone.  Christmas on the 2nd of February?  Well, that was the earliest EVERYONE could be together at one time, but in hindsight, we had something to still look forward to.  So anyway, here is my $1 flameless candle before. 
Took the packaging off and using my cricut it became this
No, it's not for me cuz I am NOT a Cowboys fan, but my daughter is...I know, as  parents all we can do is raise them, they make their own choices.  LOL  Anyway, I just cut out the stars in 3 different sizes out of 3 different colors of vinyl, the #1 Fan and adhered it to the candle and voila...Now since the candle is plastic and flameless I don't have to worry about the grand babies breaking it or burning themselves either.  
As always, have a great day and God Bless.
Go 49ers, just cuz!!!


  1. GREAT job with the candle, Brenda!! I just love these battery operated candles -- so perfect for homes with little ones and kitties!! :) I can always count on you for some up-cycled inspiration!! :)

    Amy :) at

  2. What a fabulously simple and effective way to personalize and transform this plain candle. Love it! xx


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