Sunday, May 29, 2011

Simply Sundays "Banners and Pennants"

Good day everyone,

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So how is everyone this beautiful Sunday? I am in such a great mood today...let me tell you why. Most of you know that I have been on the Getting Cricky Design Team along with Kathy, but as of last week I am now Kristal's DT-Coordinator. Now you may ask, what is that? Well, I really don't know...hahaha. Just kidding!!! I help her with some of her decision making like: WE HAVE A FULL DESIGN TEAM NOW

Here is a line up of all the girls:

I am so pleased with our selection, (although Kristal did make the final decision, I just gave suggestions).  Please, when you get a chance, go visit each one of them and maybe give a congratulations to them.  Most of them have already worked very hard.  We split the group in half and every other week they will rotate out.    As you know, Kristal has one of the best and most generous blogs around and we are so fortunate to be working with her.  Thanks Kristal for all you do...
Okay, so now onto my project...let me first tell you that I am way out of my league with these girls now!  The one perk of being the DT-Coordinator is that I get to see all of their entries before anyone else does and as I do really like my project, these girls put me to shame...seriously.

I made a photo holder for my hubby's desk at work for Father's Day...only he already saw it and already wants to take it to work now.  Guess I have to figure something else out for him...
I purchased these photo holder cubes at Michaels in the dollar bin.  I didn't really care for the yellow acrylic, but I knew I could alter it...paint.

I painted both of the cubes in a dark brown acrylic.  I also painted the silver metal springs to make it a bit aged looking.  I did have to give the cubes a 2nd coat though.

These are the banner pieces.  If you missed my post on how I made them you can see it here.  I did take out the brads and used twine I made myself to look like baker's twine.

Here is a short tutorial on how I made the faux baker's twine, but you can see how Lindsay over at Thefrugalcrafter made it.  I love learning from her.
First, tape your twine onto a piece of chipboard.

Then I used my Bic markers to color the twine.

Easy and I can make as much or as little as I need.  It may not be the real thing, but honestly, do you think hubby cares that I didn't use real baker's twine?

After all the altering, making and tying this is what all these little pieces together make:

Now, my plan is to take a picture of all three of our kids, if I can get them all to the house at one time and sit still for 5 minutes, and place it between the two clips and hubby will have a great photo holder.

I hope I've inspired you to not only make a banner, but make one completely from scratch.  Make your own embellishments to go along with your creation.

Please make sure you go over to Getting Cricky and link up with your own banner. 

Also, remember, Kristal will be showcasing her new Stamp Designs this Thursday.  Please come back here to get a preview or over to her site.  One of the other perks of being her Design Team Coordinator is that I get to see most everything before anyone else does and I am so over the top thrilled with how they turned out.  She did an amazing job.  Now, I am ordering all of them and I might even have a give away on preview day...hmmmm.  Does that intrigue you?


  1. Brenda, this is sooooo cute!! And everything about it is so very, very, very creative!! I hadn't seen that baker's twine tip before, and I'm definitely going to use that!! :) TFS...

    Amy :) at

  2. Brenda, this is so cool. I think I might have to try and make one of these. I love anything that has to do with Photo's. Great Job!!!
    Hugs :),
    Kathy - Getting Cricky DTM

  3. Brenda don't be so hard on yourself! Your project is awesome! I love that its a gift for your hubby's desk :) Thanks for all the hard work you do for us!
    Getting Cricky DTM

  4. What a very cool project Brenda. What a great item for your husband's desk. I hope you get that perfect photo. I will have to see if I can find those photo holders at Michael's. Congratulations on being name DT coordinator. I know you will do a great job.

  5. Brenda, I love your project. It is very clever and thoughtful! Thanks for all the work you do too! Coordinating 14 people is alot of work!

    Your Getting Cricky DT sister,
    Scrappymama Elaine

  6. Very cool project Brenda.
    I love the twine idea. Geesh, there are so many smart crafty girls :-)

  7. Brenda,
    Hi, I love your project! Baker's Twine is great to use. I love it. These little photo holders are great. I will look for them the next time I am at Michael's. And I adore the photo you have them holding!!

  8. Brenda- this is great!! My husband saw it and wants one now! I'll have my girls make on for Father's Day.
    Thanks for all that you do!

    JulieK- Getting Cricky DTM

  9. This was such a great idea! It is also wonderfully masculine. It is so hard to pull off projects that are and you nailed it!

    Rebecca- Getting Cricky DTM

  10. I love it! How creative and wonderful for your hubby's desk!

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K Andrew of Getting Cricky!

  11. Such a cute idea. Love the bakers twine tip.

  12. Brenda, this is such an adorable little project! And the home-made twine is an awesome tip! Such a wonderful gift :)

    Getting Cricky DTM

  13. So cute and creative.....wonderful project!!

  14. That is the most unique project I have seen. I love it. Thank you posting on my newbie blog as well.


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