Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bottle Swap Hop

Good morning crafters

Today I was supposed to participate in a Bottle Swap Hop, but not enough ladies wanted to participate.  The idea came from Tanya  for this bottle swap and I know she posted something yesterday, so please go over there and check out her creation. So now you may be asking what is a bottle swap, well I will tell you...hehehehe, basically what you do is fill a 1 liter bottle with embellishments, stash products that you no longer want or need.  Here is the bottle I sent and its contents:

Just cut a door in your bottle leaving one side attached yet...fill your bottle and then tape it shut.  I then put the label directly over the door part as a second seal and I also taped around the lid.  The girl at the post office did look at me kinda strange, but didn't ask too many questions.  Hey, it's kinda recycling in a way...hahaha.  My bottle went to Christy and I don't believe she posted anything from the bottle swap but you might find some other interesting things over there.

This is what I received in the swap:

Anyway, we then decided to make a few things from items in our bottle swap and have a hop.  Sounded like fun to me but again, we didn't have enough participants, but here is what I did:

Okay, I have had a real hectic last couple of weeks and it doesn't look like it is slowing down anytime soon either.  I am not complaining, (well maybe just a little, I did have a revelation last night though, so things are looking up a bit), I just need to slow down a little and quit saying "YES" to everyone...but I don't think "NO" is in my vocabulary.  Hahaha, I can type it though, just can't say it.  Tanya did spoil me though, I got a lot of cool things:  a really cool piece of fabric, some twine, stickers, glue, keys, 3D sticker people, a mothergoose stamp.  I hope I didn't forget anything and then the ultimate best item in my box (yes, she sent a box because the stamp would not have fit in the bottle) this awesome iron on crown:

I knew immediately I wanted to use it for something for Miss you think it's been all about Miss Bella lately?  Sure seems like I either scrap, blog or just do for her alot.  Hey, she is my first granddaughter, I better be able to spoil her.  Anyway, back to my project.  A couple of weeks ago my DD and I went rummage rummaging because you can find all kinds of things to repurpose or whatever...I am always looking to redo something.  I found one of those childrens canvas chairs and it was PINK, yeah!!!  I bought it for $1, not bad huh?  It was in great condition, no tears or stains.  Well, Miss Bella needs a chair for when we go camping this summer...hahaha.  Immediately I thought of that crown I had gotten in my swap.  Then online I went to buy some iron on vinyl.  I got some off of ebay, but I'm not sure it was the best priced but I wanted it NOW and didn't have time to do much research.  So, if any of you use iron on vinyl and you can tell me where the best priced stuff is, please email me or leave me a message in the comments section.  Thank you in advance. 

So I used my SCAL and cut the iron on vinyl with Bella's name in the baby pirate font.  I love this font...I am waiting for some black iron on vinyl to finish the name, but this will do for now.  I cut it at 8 inches by 1.84 inches.  DO NOT forget that when you cut iron on vinyl you mirror image your words, otherwise it will be is a screen shot:

I then ironed it onto the canvas chair and I am so pleased with it. 
Miss Bella loves her chair also, eventhough you can't tell by the look on her face...

So the total cost for this personalized chair was $6.00, I love frugal. 
I hope you enjoyed my creation though


  1. Bottle swaps are so fun!!! Bella's chair is amazing. Just perfect for her. You are so crafty. And all for $6. Amazing. I really have to start thinking more like this.

  2. Oh my goodness Brenda! This is soooo cute!! Love it! Where do you get iron on vinyl?
    esigmon at cox dot net

  3. Oh now Brenda, That Rocks!!! What an awesome idea :)


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