Monday, May 2, 2011

Mom Monday - Heart Mosaic

Good morning all -

Well let me say first that I am feeling much better, but not a 100% yet.  It was a pretty busy weekend for me so I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I am pretty excited about all the new endeavors I will be sharing with you.

My Lasting Memories post will be up on Tuesday of this week.  Our challenge is "All About Me" and that one is pretty hard for me to do.  First I don't have many pictures of me because I'm usually the one taking them and second, I don't like talking/scrapping about "Me", hehehe.  After mulling over the challenge though I decided that this should be something I should do because this way my kids and grandkids can read about what I liked and who I was someday.  I've already started and I'm okay with it, but you can be the judge on Tuesday.

Okay, now onto my mom's portion of the blog.  If you remember, she was too busy last week to post so I made her promise to do a good one for this week.  My mom loves her flower gardens and she actually names them...not sure why?  She used to have a big house and lost of flower gardens.  Now she lives in a nice trailer house in a very nice park.  They are required to have nice yards and between hers and my brother's (he lives in the same park as she) they are the nicest in the park.  My brother has won a few awards for his yard and here is a picture of one of his "flower gardens". 

So, my mom started to collect heart rocks.  I'm not really sure how she got started with them, but whenever we go somewhere or her friends go on a trip, someone always brings her back a heart rock if they can find one.  She used to display them in her house in a shadowbox like frame, but she decided she wanted to add the collection to her "Angel Garden".  She glued the rocks onto a cement heart shape stepping stone with a glue called UGlue.  She said it's a seen on tv product and works well on all kinds of different mediums.  We shall see how well it holds up in the elements.  I'm sure that next winter she will bring the stepping stone inside because our Minnesota winters are brutal.  This particular stepping stone is not for stepping upon, just for decoration.  Once the flowers start blooming this spring/summer I will have her take a picture of the stepping stone in the garden.  Check out some of the cool rocks though, they are all pretty much heart shaped defined, but check out some of the cool colors and textures.
I hope you've enjoyed my mom's creation this week and we look foward to reading your comments.  She is pretty thrilled when someone leaves comments.  Thanks all for taking the time to visit us on this Mom Monday.


  1. What a neat post and photo!! Love that stepping stone. Looking fwd to seeing what you create for Lasting Memories this week!!

  2. That's so nice! Wonderful Stepping Stone!


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