Thursday, April 3, 2014

Frog Dog Studio Day 1 Hair Jewelry

Good morning

If you just happened to arrive here today you are in for a treat.  If you came because you saw my post yesterday over at Amazing Mold Putty thank you for coming over.  If you missed the post yesterday please click the link here and see what I created yesterday before checking out what I did for today.
All this week I will be featuring parts and pieces from this month's Frog Dog Studio kit.  We partnered up with them this month and as one of the designers over at Amazing Mold Putty I got this month's kit about 2 weeks ago and have been dying to show you what I've made.
Here is the kit
The Frog Dog Studio April Mixed Media Kit includes:
(1) **Alumidust Powder - Red Plum; (1) StazOn Midi Ink pad - Claret; (1) StazOn Midi Ink pad - Blue Hawaii; (1) iZink Pigment Ink bottle - Gold; (1) Stampendous Mica Fragments Jar, Pearlized; (1) Dusty Attic Chipboard set - Birds; (1) Stampendous Mini Clipboard Canvas pack; (1) Set Canvas Mini's - Canvas Corp; (3) Sheets of Decopatch Tissue Paper; and (16) Tim Holtz Clear Fragments (random sizes/shapes). ** Alumidust is one of the many additives from the Alumilite Corporation.

and also the add on kit
The Frog Dog Studio  April Add-On Kit includes:
(1) Amazing Clear Cast Resin – 16 Fluid Oz Box; (1) Amazing Mold Putty – 2/3 lb Box; (25) 1 oz Measuring Cups; and (50) Wooden Stir Sticks. Valued at over $47

Today's post follows a little of yesterdays.  This paper we got in the kit is FABULOUS.  
It is so paper thin and almost transparent like.  I used the red and gold paper on yesterday's post and had some that I wanted to use for today's post.  So let's get started...
I mixed my Amazing Casting Resin Part A with the Dark Red Alumidust and made sure it was mixed well.  Then I mixed Part B into part A and made sure that was mixed up well.  
You should mix for a couple of minutes to make sure you have no swirls.  
The mixture should almost be clear, transparent with the alumidust.  Then pour your resin into your mold and let it cure.  This should take about 10 - 15 minutes.
While my resin was curing I went over to the paper part.  I had made a clear resin piece of this mold a while back and use it for this purpose.  To find which piece of the paper will fit perfect for my colored piece.  The reason I molded the piece with the Dark Red Alumidust is because as I said earlier, the paper is almost transparent, and I didn't know what the paper would do over the stark white that the Amazing Casting Resin is ones it has cured fully.
I did cut the piece a bit bigger than my clear piece just to be sure it will cover completely.
My mold, my molded piece and my cutout of the paper. 
Now, the molded piece is still somewhat pliable so I decided to punch my holes before it got too hard.  My crop o dial works perfectly for this.  Do you have an idea of where I am going with this?
Next I decided to mod podge the paper to the molded resin piece. 
Working from center to outer edge is best.    
Then I trimmed it with my scissors.  Now do you see where I am going with this? 
My edge was fine, but I wanted to make it pop a bit.  
I used the Pigment Izink in gold that came with the kit to edge it.

By this time my piece had hardened to it fullest.  A while back I accidentally found that if you use your heat gun on the piece it will become warm and pliable again. 
 DO NOT overheat, just a couple of seconds does it. 

Now I bent my shape and inserted my "hair skewer".  I have no idea what to call this thing.

Now the look is great, but I did want it to be shiny.
Pulling out my Amazing Clear Cast Resin I decided to paint on it.

You might want to use an old paint brush, but if you take care and wash your paintbrush immediately with warm soapy water after using it with the clear cast you can save it from getting ruined.  This is a super old paint brush, but I purposely use it ONLY for my clear cast resin, in case I forget to wash it completely I won't ruin a good brush.  So far I have had no troubles with it and have used this brush numerous times.

Then I just painted right on the piece.  You want to set it somewhere and keep moving it around ever so often.  The clear cast will drip, but it will level off after a few minutes and give you a perfect glassy luster.

And here is my finished "hair piece"

I think it turned out lovely!  This paper is gorgeous!

I hope I've inspired you to make your own hair jewelry using the products I've talked about today.  You can find everything by following the links above.  I hope you will come back tomorrow for another project I made using more of the Frog Dog Studio pieces from the April kit and of course my Amazing Crafting Products.  Please make sure to check out ALL the posts this month over at the Amazing Mold Putty Blog.  You are in for a treat with all the designers.

As always, have a great day and God Bless. 


  1. lovely, I used to wear these when I was a kid back home in Mexico, love how something so simple can be so beautiful, love, love these papers. great post Brenda

  2. Amazing project, and so very inspiring! Thanks for sharing all of your steps!

  3. that hair piece is sooo cool! really great idea!!


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