Sunday, April 20, 2014

Butterfly in Flight Easter Basket at ABAC Challenge #34

Happy Easter!

It's time again for Anything But a Card "Spring Forward" challenge.  Since today is Easter I thought I would share something I created for our Easter Table.  

I started with a mold that I created with my Amazing Mold Putty and dusted the outer edges with my Alumidust.  LOVE this stuff. 
Then I mixed my Amazing Casting Resin Part A with the Terri Sproul mixers in pink. 
Then I mixed Part B into Part A and stirred them together real well. 
While my molds were setting up, I cut three pieces of electrical wire (yes, I have a huge stash of these wires in all sorts of colors).  The best part of this wire is that it's kinda flimsy and this will give my butterflies "flight".  Then just before the resin was almost set up, I inserted the wire into the resin and let it harden the rest of the way. 
While that was setting up, I cut a piece of styrofoam that will fit nicely in my basket and
hot glued my wires into it. 
Blue and Pink butterfly 
Orange and Pink butterfly 
Purple and Pink butterfly 
All three butterflies 
And here is my finished basket.  I cut the "egg" basket using my cricut and scrap pieces of paper from my stash in this pretty butterfly paper.  I added a bit of green tinsel grass and now I have a cute centerpiece for our EASTER table. 
Another look 

I hope I've inspired you to create something and join us over at Anything But a Card for the challenge "Spring Forward". Remember, it can be Anything But a Card!

As always, have a great day and God Bless!


  1. Happy Easter Brenda : )

    Thank you for following my blog. I will be posting a new card in a few minutes and giving you a "shout out"!!

    I love this project and how you give a tutorial of your process. Those butterflies are simply delightful!


  2. I have just been scrolling and reading thru your blog and wanted to say that I really, really like your projects! those wire butterflies and the hair piece with FDS kits are just fabulous - among many other projects!! Greetings from Austria, Sanna

  3. Love your basket, those fluttering butterflies are so pretty and give such movement to the piece.


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