Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Guest Design

Good day all,

Most of you know that I won a guest design spot over at Kandrew for a challenge that she had done awhile ago.  What you may not know is that I get to keep guest designing for her weekly challenges.  Woot woot!!!  She contacted me last night and told me what the challenge was, so most of my night was laying in bed and wondering what I could "whip" up.  She told me what the challenge was at about 10 pm, at least that's when I got the email...LOL  So, does this ever happen to get an idea in your head and it's all well and dandy up there, but when it comes to putting it together it just doesn't look at all like what you had planned?  Well, that's kinda what happened today, but here is my project.  I do think it turned out pretty cute though.

She said we were to use butterflies.  I LOVE butterflies.  When my DD was a baby each night I would give her butterfly kisses and she would just giggle.  Since spring is upon us I thought I'd make a cute springy centerpiece.  Kinda following the idea of my "St. Patty's Day Vase".  Here is the link in case you missed that post.

Here is a picture of the items used to making this "vase"
I had gotten this awesome green corrugated cardboard at Tuesday Mornings a long time ago in a pack of 4 colors.  Pink, Green, Black and Red.  I've used most of the other colors up, but still had this in my stash.  (Oh yeah, remember, all my challenges that I participate in are using up my stash.  I have been having a blast depleting my stash.)  Anyway, back to my project.  So I traced the cd on the backside of this corrugated cardboard and cut it out by hand.  Don't really think that my cricut could cut this.  I adhered it to the cd using a spray tack.  Love this stuff.  I also had some green metal in my stash, not sure where I got it and desperatly tried cutting the "grass" from the gypsy wanderings file.  I tried everything, my regular blade, my deep cut blade, slow, med pressure, etc.  You get the idea...but it would not cut.  Oh wait, it cut, but not how I wanted it to.  (If anyone can give me a pointer on how they cut metal I'd appreciate it).  So I just cut a 2.5 x 11 inch strip and cut it using my scissors.  Here is a closeup shot of how it cut.  Just like butter.
I also had some metalic looking paper.  I trimmed it to fit around the giant toilet paper roll and adhered it with my ATG gun.  I also adhered the metal grass to the gtp roll using my ATG.  I then hot glued the gtp roll to the corrugated cardboard and the vase is formed.  I then took some more floral foam and hot glued that inside the "vase".  I didnt' have any green tulle, but I still have plenty of the white stuff.  I used a green inkpad and rubbed the tulle in it.  Needless to say my fingers turned green too.  Just in time for St. Patty's Day  LOL  I then wrapped the tulle and placed it over the floral foam.  I had these yellow flowers in my "flower stash" from when I designed floral arrangements YEARS ago.  I took the flowery part off the stems because they were too thick to get through the tulle.  I put hot glue on one side of the toothpick and inserted it into the flowery piece.  Here is a closeup of that. 
I then inserted the toothpick flowery thing into the tulle wrapped over the floral foam.  EASY peasy. 

I cut all the butterflies from the gypsy wanderings file.  Some I embossed using my cuddlebug and the Divine Swirl.  I added some glimmer mist to one of them to give it a shinyness.  I used my heat gun to speed up the drying process and it curled a bit.  Perfect.  Love it sometimes when the unexpected happens.  I poked a hole in the bottom of the body and close to where the antennas are and threaded the floral wire through that.  I added a rhinestone "colored" to match and inserted them into the floral foam.  I added one butterfly to the front of the "vase" and viola, my Spring Vase.
I will be giving away the ingredients to making a "vase"  A gtp roll, a cd, some tulle (colored green), floral foam, 24 inches of floral wire and some flowers.  All you have to do is leave me a comment here on my blog and tell me what your favorite color is.  You are not required to become a follower, but I would love it if you were.  I will send the flowers in the color you specify or as close to it as possible.

As always, have a great day and god bless.


  1. You popped in to say Congrats! You deserve it! Love your center piece, the butterflies are to die for. Once again another great project, but I would expect nothing but the best! Love your blog.

  2. Love your centerpiece. Hope I can find better use of my Cricut Expression I got for Christmas. I have played with it a bit but putting pieces together for a project is a bit challenging for me.Can you suggest the "one" Cricut cartridge I must get for crafting. Thanks!

  3. Love your butterfly vase, you are so creative.


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