Sunday, March 6, 2011

St Patty Vase Recycled

Good morning all

I am crafting a bit today and have a ton of projects.  Not all will be posted, but I've gotten a good head start on some posts that will be featured all over today.  Today's post is all about recycling.  As most of you know I work at a casino and I bring home alot of "things" that can be altered or recycled.  For instance...everyone knows that toilet paper rolls are real popular for making mini books and such, but what about those toilet paper rolls that are huge and can't bend?  Well how about recycling it to make a vase?  What, you may be asking...this is what I used and

this is what I made.

Isn't that just cute?  I used my cricut and SCAL to cut the clovers, two per skewer.  I then ran my ATG around the edges and filled them with cottonballs to make them puffy.  I used gold glitter glue and traced around the outside of the clover.  I attached a bamboo skewer to the center after painting the skewers green and breaking them in half.  I used my gold alchol inks and placed the glass gems in a baggie and "colored" them gold and hot glued them to the center of the clovers.  I used to make a lot of flower arrangements and have TONS of left, leaves, moss, etc.  I covered the tp roll with green paper and also the cd with the same paper.  I hot glued the tp roll to the cd.  I also hot glued a piece of floral foam inside and covered it with moss.  I had these beautiful green roses that matched just perfectly.  I added a piece of green ribbon to the top and bottom of the tp roll also.

As always, have a great day and god bless.


  1. it turned out super cute!! love it. such a fun decoration for st. patty's day! :)
    thanks so much for sharing with us!
    jen :)

  2. What fun decor!! Thanks for joining us at PaperCutz!

  3. Wow! Such a whimsical touch!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love the different shades of green. Thank you for joining the Thankful Thursday Challenge!

  5. Such whimsy!!! I love it and everything about it!!! The roses look gorgeous!

    Brenda, I'm loving your blog, I've enjoyed my visit very much, and I'll be back real soon!


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