Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Card

Good evening

So I had a totally disasterous crafting day.  EVERYTHING I tried failed.  I had to do a couple of projects for some upcoming events and I didn't get a single one done.  I ran out of mod podge.  Not a single cut cut clean.  I couldn't find a certain sentiment stamp...  Can you tell how my day went?  Well, I have to work tomorrow and then I am off Tuesday and Wednesday.  These projects MUST be completed those two day or else I am in big trouble.  Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

I did manage to throw together a quick birthday card for my son. WE LOVE elephants and collect all the TY elephants we can find for him and then I have my own collection of them also. Eventhough he will be 11 tomorrow I think this card is kinda fun for him. It wasn't hard at all. (I guess I did accomplish one thing today). This is a tri-step card or a Z card as some call it. I used the New Arrival cart, cut the elephant head at 4 inches and then the shadow feature the same. I used some party streamer paper for the front and the inside panels. I cut the Happy Birthday (welded) in SCAL and gluedotted the BIC markered rhinestones on for his eyes. The inside panel then has the shadow cut as the base to write him his birthday message. Again, very super easy and quick. Hope you like it.

As always, have a great day and god bless.

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