Friday, January 9, 2015

Paper Punch to Resin Steampunk Necklace

Good day friends

Today I have a tutorial for you showing what imagination can create.

I started out with a punch that I borrowed and wanted to use over and over again.  I started by punching silver duct tape.  You can buy this at any hardware store.  It's sturdy and has sticky tape on the back.  I punched it once the right side and then the wrong side, thus having two pieces with sticky on opposite sides.  Then I punched some chipboard, actually a cereal box.  I then taped the three pieces together giving me close to a dime thickness.

Now here comes the preserving of this punched element.  
I tacked the punched piece down with some repositional tack into a glass butter dish.  
Make sure you spray your item with some sort of release agent.  I used the UMR Mold Release also available from Amazing Crafting Products.
I have no use for this mold anymore so I decided to REMELT it.  
That's what I love about this product, no wasting the mold!   
I cut it into for sizable chunks and using my Amazing Mold Putty "cup" 
I remelted it in the microwave for about 20 seconds ...
and poured my mold. 
and here is the finished piece.  I carefully peeled it out of the mold and was pretty happy with the outcome.  Some of the pieces didn't have enough depth to create the "holes" the punched produced, but I can always make the original punched piece thicker and REMELT and try again.  
But for now I knew I could still use the piece for something ... 
Here is the piece after it was molded with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Alumilite Metallic Powder.  You can see that the punched out pieces are not defined enough,  
but rest assured, I will do this again just a bit thicker!
I received this mold as a gift and decided I was going to create a steampunk necklace.  Totally in love with the idea.  I used my Amazing Casting Resin and the Alumilite Metal Metallic Powder to create my gears, key holes and keys. 
I layed my gears onto the molded punched piece 
(you can see that those gears fit almost perfectly onto it)
to find the proper placement, added some chains and gluing 
everything down with E6000 I came up with this!
I also added some red flatback rhinestones with E6000 to glitz it up a bit!
What do you think? 
I love this necklace and cannot wait to find a reason to wear it!

Now remember, just because the original idea didn't work, doesn't mean you can't recreate it using the Remelt production or you can just go with what you have and go into a total different direction!

I'm glad you stopped by and please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my tutorial today.

As always, have a great day and God Bless!

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