Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Beginnings at Anything But a Card

Good morning and welcome to another Anything But a Card post.  This month's challenge is "New Beginnings" which means it's basically up to you on how you want to interpret that.  I thought long and hard on what I wanted to do and decided for my New Year's resolution I would "upcycle" more and with that said, I will give something a "New Beginning"!  So here goes ...

I am a part-time bookkeeper at a bar which is an awesome gig.  Not only for doing the books there but all the goodies I can hoard, er, I mean collect.  Right before Christmas my boss gave me an awesome bottle.  She knows how much I love to create things and she thought I might  be able to do something with it.  Well, of course I can and did.  In fact, I gave it right back to her after I did this :

I started with some left over vinyl that I cut with my Cricut to spell out Jane's bar and used my Armour Etch. 

The bottle on the left is during the day, the bottle on the right at night.
I love how this lights up and makes for a great bar accent.

I added some purple and gold Christmas light in the bottle (yes, she is also a Vikings Fan)
 and now she has a cool accent to put up on her bar.

I think this is a rather cool idea for a "New Beginning" for an old empty booze bottle.

I hope you've enjoyed my post today and please make sure to link up with us over at Anything But a Card.  There are three simple rules
2. Make sure you do something to represent the Challenge "NEW BEGINNINGS"
3. Have FUN!


  1. AMAZING!! I'm jealous about all the goodies you must get! I adore, and am fascinated, by anything that lights up :) Fab job!!!

  2. I love seeing recycled item craft projects and it's a perfect New Beginnings project.

  3. Brilliant transformation and such fun.


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