Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rider Golf Plague

Good morning crafters,

Just wanted to show you a quickie post.  I crafted ALL day yesterday and will be showing you a few things in the next couple of days/weeks to come.  Some posts are scheduled way out but my crafting time is so limited right now since I am also babysitting my grandchildren a couple days a week/weekends and working.  I am trying to fit in as much crafting as possible, but I was also without a computer for 2 weeks and that put me way behind on blogging.  I tell you, blogging takes more time than the crafting itself.

Anywho, here is another Golf Plague I made.  Some of you may know my son loves to golf and just started his freshman year in high school.  He tried out for the golf team and made Varsity!!!  I'm so over the top about this.  They have played a few tournaments already and he is doing very well.  They've taken 3rd twice (honestly, his high school's golf team is the worse out of all 4 high schools in our town) and have had a few  scrambles also.  He will be going to an out of town tournament next Friday and he's a bit nervous about it.  Anyway, we are having out Golf Pot Luck this coming Monday and I thought I would make Coach a medal plague like I did for Austyn last summer.  You can see the original post here.

The high school is the Rough Riders and they are Rider Golf, so this is what it looks like.  Coach now has a place to hang all those medals they will be getting (wink, wink).

These are so easy to make with my Amazing Crafting Products, SCAL, vinyl, a few cup hooks, nails and reclaimed drawer fronts.  Maybe I will make one for each of the Varsity kids???  
I might need to redo my kitchen cabinets again, lol.  
(You'll understand if you read the original posting of this plague)

As always, have a great day and God Bless.

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