Sunday, November 11, 2012

Robin's Nest DT Call

Good morning and welcome to another day filled with surprises.

Today I am showing you what you can make with so little, but make it so beautiful.  As most of you know I am a thrift store junky.  I love rummaging and finding old things to make new again.  A long time ago, (remember I am also a hoarder) I was at a thrift store and saw this cute little house like frame thingy.  It was 25 cents (I know this because I left the tag on it).  I can't resist a bargain, plus I knew I could make something of it.  Well, in my hoarding state, I tucked it away to be forgotten about.  Not long ago I was going through some of my stuff, because I have waaayyyy too much, (Just ask my hubby) and decided I was going to start purging a little, a little!  Shortly before that I had gone to my friend, Terri Sprouls "Live Stream for the Robin's Nest".  I have looked at their papers and such but never had to opportunity to play with any. While watching the "live stream", I won a paper pack from the Robin's Nest...yeah for me!  I didn't know which paper pack I'd be receiving, but knew I was going to create something for the DT Call that Terri mentioned.  As I like to dabble in a lot of different crafty things, I decided to submit this for the Altered Arts team.  I love to upcycle, recycle and, not really.  So, here we go...
This is the paperpack I won.  It's filled with glitzy snowy paper, alphabet stickers and dew drops.  I've made my own dew drops before, but I am in LOVE with these.  They are so much better than my homemade ones.  There were white, silver, clear and pearl ones.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  There were also some snowflakes in the packet and I knew exactly what I was going to do with this packet.
I used the white paper with the glitzy snowflakes and cut "snow" with  my cricut and SCAL 3.  I tried to cut where the most of the "glitz" was.
Here is the frame, and I spray painted it blue.  I think "blue" when I think winter, not sure why.  I wanted to have a blue house to go with the papers.  I glued the "snow" to the frame of the house and some onto the chimney.  Then I used some fishing line and attached that to the snowflakes.  I used 4 glue dots and adhered them to the top of the "heart" cut outs and attached the snowflake-fishing line to them.  You can hardly notice that and it looks as if it were snowing.  I used the alphabet stickers to say "Let it Snow" and added some of the dew drops as accents and this is what you get.

Really honestly these pictures do it no justice at all.  I wish you could see how glitzy the "snow" look.  I absolutely love how it turned out and can't wait to give it to my mom,  but by the time you read this, I will have done so already.  I'm sure she will love it...  So, see what you can do with a little?

Now, I also love to make jewelry...beads are a blast.  When I got the paper from the Robin's Nest, I fell in love with the blues and wanted to create something that I can have around all the time.  So I thought and thought and came up with this idea...I used my Creative Paperclay® and cut a circle with a cookie cutter.
Then I cut a piece of the paper slightly larger than the dried piece of clay. 
See where it had fit in?  I glued the paper onto the dried paperclay with 3D Crystal Lacquer.   I also made this fleur de lis out of paperclay and painted everything silvery to go with the paper.  I got the idea of using the fleur de lis from the paper itself. 
I then sealed the entire piece with 3D Crystal Lacquer so that it would sparkle a bit also. 
I wish this picture were better 
but here is the finished piece.  I cannot wait to wear it.  The beads were a perfect match to the paper.

I hope you've enjoyed my little projects and keep your fingers crossed for me...I may soon get to be on the Robin's Nest DT.


  1. great project, thanks for your submission to be apart of the Robin Nest DT

  2. Your birdhouse is soooo cute! I'll bet your mom loved it!!!

  3. This is really pretty - love the colors you have chosen. I'm rooting for ya!


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