Saturday, November 24, 2012

Headwrap Charms

Good morning and welcome to another Creative Paperclay® post.  Today I am showing you a follow up from two weeks ago when I created some paperclay charms from "non" molds.  If you don't know what I am talking about go here.

So I started with one of the charms I created while it was still a bit wet.
When the clay is not yet hardened all the way
I took the original charm 
and laid it onto the clay and gently pressed
it into the clay 
it gives the clay some definition 
After the clay piece was completely hard
I painted it with Metallic Pure Gold
Acrylic paint. 
Then I used the Shimmering Garnet from 
Terri Sproul's Mixers and you can get 
those here.  Not only does this give the
crown a glitzy effect, but it also seals the
piece when you mix it with the 3D 
Crystal Lacquer.
I wanted to add some glitz to my crown and remembered a purchase 
I recently made from my favorite "Dollar Tree". 
In the health and beauty aisle I came across these
nail art bottles.  I knew I needed them for
my altered art projects and they came in
handy for this project. 
I added some rhinestones and these itty bitty
pink balls from the nail art with the 3D Crystal Lacquer 
and covered them again with it to seal it. 
Then I took an unfinished crown, (yes I
usually make more than 1 piece at a time
in case of mishaps) and traced it onto a scrap
of soft faux leather. 
I cut it out just a bit bigger than the piece itself. 
I also bought these elastic headwraps at 
the Dollar Tree that day, (but not knowing
what I would be doing with them).
I might have a buying problem lol.
I added some glue to the backside of the crown
and glued a part of the headwrap to it.
Then I glued the faux leather piece on top
of the elastic ribbon onto the crown. 
and now I have a gorgeous headwrap charm. 
Close up (it's hard to take a picture of yourself)

So...what do you think?  I think I might be making some of these for my granddaughter for Christmas.  

I hope you've enjoyed another tutorial from me using the Creative Paperclay®.  Remember, the possibilities are endless...just use your imagination.

As always, have a great day and God Bless.


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