Sunday, March 4, 2012

A is for Alexis

Good day all

Today I have a quick tutorial on how to create a fabulous way to create a monogram plus name to your project. A loooonnnngggg time ago I had purchased a "candy mold" alphabet but never used it.  When I became addicted to Creative Paperclay® and Amazing Mold Putty I remembered this mold and wanted to use it.  It was so old that I was afraid that it would hold up with the Amazing Mold Resin so first I made each letter using the paperclay.
 Then I molded the paperclay into the Amazing Mold Putty.
 Then I combined the Amazing Casting Resin "Liquid to Solid in 5 minutes" with some pink alcohol ink to make the letters and I also made a butterfly mold with some plum alcohol ink.
 After the letters casted I glued them to a painted wooden A and added the butterfly also.
 I really like how I can personalize almost anything using the Amazing Mold Putty with the casting resin.

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  1. Very pretty in PURPLE!! Thanks for the info on how it was created.
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S.


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